Holy Cross Cleaning: Transforming Delivery of Cleaning Services Using a Workforce Management Platform

Using a commercial cleaning business software can provide reporting to support your goals and initiatives, reduce labour costs through real-time information capture, monitor cleaning quality and improve communication through real-time messaging.

After Holy Cross Cleaning, an Australian-based cleaning company, implemented TEAM Software’s Lighthouse workforce management platform—our cleaning service software—the company leadership was able to respond faster to all inbound cleaning requests, reduce labour costs and remove all paper-based recording efforts. And, company leadership was able to report on all cleaning activity, improve scheduling and safety outcomes.

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Six Benefits Holy Cross Cleaning Expected After Implementing Our Commercial Cleaning Business Software, Lighthouse:

  1. Provide verifiable reporting that supports the hospital accreditation requirements.
  2. Assist the infection control and clinical safety teams by reports and trends on the number of related cleans across the hospital.
  3. Reduce labour costs by capturing real-time information on consumables replenished in public bathrooms.
  4. Identify surges in consumable usage which may indicate theft.
  5. Monitor cleaning quality and identify quality issues promptly.
  6. Improve communication with the workforce through real-time messaging.

You can also expect to learn how Lighthouse focused four specific software features to address Holy Cross Cleaning’s individualised objectives. And, we’ll walk you through how the commercial cleaning business software works in different scopes of the hospital’s operational system: the help desk, supervisor team and service staff.