Empower Employee Financial Health and Education with Income Streaming Software

An income streaming solution can empower your employees to become financially healthy and incentivise them to take on additional shifts.

Incoming streaming software enables employees to access earned wages at any point in the month — eliminating the traditional drawbacks of waiting for a traditional pay cycle to roll around.

Engage Employees Through Income Streaming

57% of employees said that they felt less financial stress as a result of being able to access via income streaming. By giving your employees the power to access their earned wages when they need it, you eliminate their reliance on high cost credit, overdrafts and credit cards, giving employees flexibility and financial freedom. It also has the added benefits of increasing employee engagement, incentivising shift fill and making an instant connection between work and reward.

Help Employees Track, Save and Earn

Income streaming software tools provide real-time accessibility to earnings and earnings records. They also can be configured to remind your employees of upcoming bills or expenses and measure incoming earnings against outgoing expenses. The software also helps your employees work towards financial stability when they instantly stream earnings into incentivised savings.  And when you provide tools for employee financial health, you’re building trusted, empowered employees with financial skills. Income streaming software gives your employees access to services to help them grow to become financially savvy.


TEAM Software has partnered with Wagestream to revolutionize the way you fill shirts and give staff instant access to wages as their earned. When you implement Wagestream with Timegate, we do all the heavy lifting, eliminating work required on your side and without having to change any existing systems or any impact to your cash flow.