3 Immediate Benefits You’ll See with Lighthouse Mobile Workforce Management Software

Lighthouse mobile workforce management software offers immediate benefits after implementation.

What is mobile workforce management software?

Think of mobile workforce management software as a tool to help remotely monitor and ensure services are being delivered as planned in the field. It offers ways to log tours and patrols, manage on site tasks and incidents, field-based workforce tracking and proof of service – all through the ease of mobile technology.

Why is Lighthouse an important tool for your business strategy?

In short, mobile workforce management software helps run your business, better. It solves common business challenges like:

  • Inaccurate timekeeping brought on by inefficient or manual time sheet processes.
  • Lack of visibility into your distributed workforces’ route data, time on site, duties performed.
  • Inability to provide detailed proof of service reporting to clients.
  • Lack of quality in service delivery, slow responsiveness to incidents for resolution and high risk for the company.

Three immediate benefits from implementing now.

While the immediate benefits you can experience may vary by the nature of your business and the needs you’re solving, there are three common benefits Lighthouse helps deliver.

1. Increased visibility.

Lighthouse increases visibility of employees, improving your time and attendance and compliance functions.

Lighthouse also increases the number of ways you can gain visibility over your workforce operations. (Think: conventional scheduling reports, or live maps with drill down capabilities.) This can help with your time and attendance needs and your compliance requirements.

For example, using the map view, you can search by location and see if the team is live on site delivering services.

From there, you can filter by activities (audits, tasks, issues, exceptions, shifts, etc.) users or zones. You can also see who’s active, recently active or inactive, helping your management team and schedulers understand workforce capacity. You can also use a timeline view to review current activities, or scroll back to historical data and see who was onsite at a particular time.

mobile workforce management software

2. Ability to manage a mobile workforce.

Immediately, supervisors and managers can access audits and inspections and gain insight into tasks and issues. This ensures your management system is equipped to help mobile employees deliver services in line with company (and compliance) requirements. Managers can also receive real-time notifications if services are not delivered according to the planned schedule, helping to quickly resolve issues before they are identified and raised by the client.

Gain quick insights with your web dashboard. Depending on the report tab you’ve selected (tasks, audits, issues), you can drill down into data to see completed forms. This gives your managers and supervisors a clearer picture of what services were completed on site.

Pro tip: Use the daily shift report within the “shifts” tab to access completed shift reports. It gives you a comprehensive summary of timestamped activities performed at various locations, shift start and end times, and details on things like issues or audits.

mobile workforce management software

3. Proof of service.

Your customers (and the SLAs in their contracts) want to know that work is being done to specification at a high standard. With real-time, streamlined data you can compare the outcomes of your cleaners’ or guards’ routes and ensure you’re hitting key performance benchmarks established in your contracts.

Lighthouse offers location verification using multiple technologies (GPS, QR codes, NFC, or Bluetooth, depending on the needs of each site).

Forms can be completed by your employees onsite to measure the status of work completed and its quality (further proven by video and photo capture).

Plus, all tabs within Lighthouse can be exported and automated to be shared with your customers directly to improve customer experience. Some users choose to do this as frequently as daily, ensuring clients are always kept up to date with the latest occurrences happening at their locations.

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