How Famous Cleaning Companies Use Technology to Find Success

How successful can a cleaning business be? 

Current reports estimate the professional janitorial services industry has a market size of over £1 billion (UK), $90 billion (US) and $14 billion (AUS). With each market anticipating growth over the next five years, cleaning businesses can help maximise growth and revenue by: 

  • Using technology to scale alongside the growing market
  • Protect profit margins by increasing efficiencies and controlling labour costs
  • Expanding proof of service tools to grow and retain customers

Who are the major players of the cleaning industry? And, how can you learn from them?

Don’t believe us? Global market leaders in the commercial cleaning and facilities management industries are already using TEAM Software by WorkWave’s software solutions to meet critical business functions in areas like: 

  1. Recruitment and hiring
  2. Field operations
  3. Proof of service delivery
  4. Understanding of financial profitability
  5. Efficiency gains

Using their success stories as a guide, see how technology can future-proof your own company’s unique business processes and needs. 

1. Regular Cleaning: Controlling overhead and increasing revenue growth by 24%

Regular Cleaning had been looking to implement electronic solutions for some time before they were introduced to TemplaCMS, TEAM Software by WorkWave’s contract management software

They needed a way to: 

  • Seamlessly share data
  • Integrate with accounts and billing
  • Gain real-time field management tools
  • Support functionality for each client

Using TemplaCMS, Regular Cleaning has been able to control central overhead resulting in a period of 24% revenue growth. 

“TemplaCMS has enabled us to grow the business significantly whilst actually reducing central overhead. It is a tool that is without comparison in the contract cleaning market.” Julian Lingham, Regular Cleaning

Read more in this case study

2. ARA Property Services: Using Timegate and TemplaCMS to grow your cleaning business

With customers spanning across commercial, healthcare, government, educational, corporate, multi-site, food manufacturing, office, aged care and retail industries, ARA Property Services provides services to thousands of job sites across the country every year. 

ARA’s goals for a software solution included:

  • Managing cleaning staff rosters
  • Simplifying contract management 
  • Moving away from manual systems and paper-based processes or spreadsheets
  • improve processes for more reliable business information

These needs pointed them to an integrated software approach, which connected TEAM’s Timegate and TemplaCMS solutions for an ERP-style solution. 

Now, ARA’s cleaning staff can clock-in and clock out of shifts from a job site, view current assignments and communicate with supervisors or back-office staff. Supervisors can manage job sites by exception – meaning no action is required unless the system spots a possible issue, like scheduling errors. The two systems provide data accuracy from the moment a cleaner’s shift starts and stops, to if they’re being paid on time and correctly. 

“From a process perspective, it has saved us a lot of time across the board and made everything so much easier,” said Dani Anderson, director of client relations. “From where we were using multiple systems, we now just have one. And, it’s all integrated, so it covers from cleaner on the ground all the way to the end of payroll.” 

Watch their video case study

*This software pairing is available for TEAM Software by WorkWave customers in EMEA and APAC markets. 

3. Corporate Cleaning Group: Improving proof of service – fast

At Corporate Cleaning Group (CCG) – commercial cleaning company serving niche markets

like healthcare, corporate office space, educational systems and religious facilities – the phrase

“closing the loop” is a familiar one. It’s an expression used to describe an internal framework they’ve developed to ensure service quality is high and delivery is consistent. With corporate offices based in Michigan and Kansas, and franchise locations spreading across the continental United States, ensuring those service standards is no small feat.

Previously, the company had relied on manual documentation and paper processes to manage everything from: 

  • HR documentation
  • Training paperwork
  • Work tickets
  • Inspections

The company saw an opportunity to streamline their service delivery operations even tighter to benefit service quality and strengthen communications from field-based cleaners using Lighthouse, a leading mobile workforce management solution specialising in proof of service. 

Less than a year after implementation, CCG built their own library of templates within Lighthouse. It features a collection of HR forms, digital close-down checklists, screening questionnaires, training templates and more. 

Cleaners in the field can access the documents (shared based on permissions established by the company) and complete them using their mobile devices as they move through their work at each location. Templates can be saved as they go and photos can be added to demonstrate cleanliness and task completion. They can also send communication through the Lighthouse mobile app to their managers and supervisors in real-time, supporting quick “close-the-loop” resolution. 

Read their full case study

Using successful cleaning business stories to improve your bottom line

These success stories share a common theme. The cleaning companies featured have experienced measurable improvements in how they are completing, proving and measuring profitability from services delivered. 

At TEAM Software by WorkWave, we know every cleaning business is different. Because of this, it’s best to chat through your unique needs one-on-one. 

Request a demo today to start taking positive steps in your own measurable improvements today.