Simplify Complicated Finance Processes with Security Workforce Management Software and Save Time and Money

When United Kingdom-based security company, Cardinal Security, needed to find a resolution for issues they’d experienced around absence management and finance, they turned to their global workforce management solution, Timegate. Powered by TEAM Software, Timegate enabled the company’s control room to efficiently handle calls, gain visibility over job sites and manage thousands of employed security guards.

Timegate offers a separate, specialised security workforce management software that gains control and accuracy over critical pay and bill processes in security businesses. As the company faced rapid expansion, and the need for centralising and managing absence management and finance job functions became more apparent, Cardinal Security invested in the Finance Pack to supplement their existing Timegate solutions and provide real-time proof of work done so that employees and customers were paid or charged correctly.

“We rely on our workforce to uphold our reputation for excellent service delivery, so when we receive a call notifying us of staff sickness, or any other unplanned absence, it’s essential that we’re able to ensure that the customer and the contract does not suffer,” said Cardinal Security CEO Jason Trigg. “As the business grew, it was clear that we needed to refine the way that we managed this, so that we had the insight and the power to rectify any unexpected situation before it became a problem. Alongside this, was the need to accurately calculate pay and invoices based on the actual time worked. We needed a reliable solution to tie all of this together, changing a complex set of manual procedures into a simple click of a button.”

Cardinal Security now benefits from more effective control over the costs of absence. Timegate’s Finance Pack provides a clear and accurate view of activity, delivers schedules that can be proactively be rectified if needed to ensure service delivery and contract compliance, and uses payroll and invoicing tools to accurately calculate money owed. “The Finance Pack was up and running quickly and has proved to be a great asset to Cardinal Security. Transforming what was once a time consuming and complicated process, we’re now able to collate and calculate hours, pay and invoices with the assurance of total accuracy,” said Trigg. “We’re able to support all outcome with irrefutable real-time proof of work done, so everybody concerned is safe in the knowledge that they’ve been paid or charged correctly.

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