Workforce Management Software Improves Data Quality

Bringing payroll, accounting and customer service information together for better results in the cleaning industry.

UK-based DOC Cleaning improves their customers’ productivity and profitability by providing healthier, safer and more attractive environments in their businesses. As a growing business (the company employs over 1,500 staff and has a turnover approaching £25m) DOC Cleaning had several key challenges. Beginning with improving data quality with workforce management software.

Before working with TEAM Software, DOC Cleaning was using countless spreadsheets to record data and manage reporting. This led to some challenges, including:

  • manual payroll and manual data entry
  • no profit and loss reporting
  • no granular information capture
  • no insight into contract budgets or profitability

Improving data quality with one software partner.

DOC Cleaning had a clear objective in mind. The company knew they needed a solution that would control all aspects of their processes, from payroll and accounting to customer service.

Enter: Timegate, TEAM Software’s global workforce management solution. In addition to addressing the key points of DOC Cleaning’s goals, Timegate also has workflow functionality. This means that when changes are made to timesheets, for example, that change matches budgets set up in the system. Paired with Templa, TEAM’s contract management solution, DOC Cleaning gained end-to-end visibility over their payroll, contract budgets, and workforce data.

Immediate benefits, plus allowing for growth.

Immediate benefits of implementing Timegate included access to data. With Timegate, DOC Cleaning gained information the company couldn’t access previously. By breaking down contracts to a granular level, managers were able to put more resources into the operations team.

Clients are able to gain access to all of their information (and submit queries or calls) through a central portal. And, with the global workforce management software’s scalability, DOC Cleaning is able to use it as their company grows.

See the benefits for yourself.