Seven Immediate Benefits of Implementing Timegate

What you can expect after implementing Timegate, our global workforce management software.

We’ve compiled a list of the top immediate benefits you can experience after implementing Timegate, a software tool purpose-built for cleaning, security and facilities management businesses by connecting your time and attendance, schedules, employee engagement, finance, recruitment, service delivery and reporting (in one spot).

1.    Reduced payroll errors.

Timegate automates time and attendance and salary calculations, while factoring in complex pay rules.

It also captures time worked with in-the-moment tracking of book-ins and -outs, whilst accurately monitoring holidays.

With a built-in automated workflow, this information is collected and processed for payroll without the inaccuracies manual data entry and reporting can present.

2.    Reduced unplanned overtime.

Our solutions help monitor labour expenditures through effective workforce scheduling software and time and attendance tools.

For example, automated scheduling checks notify managers when overtime is being scheduled and when an employee has reached overtime status.

That manager can then intervene by either adjusting schedules to remove unnecessary overtime, or schedule a different employee to cover shifts or duties.

Research collected by HR Magazine shows that companies who implement solutions (like Timegate) spend up to 33% less on unplanned overtime.

implementing Timegate schedule

3.    Improved operational productivity.

Organisations have a higher workforce utilization after implementing automated workflows, according to the same HR Magazine findings.

Automation leads to streamlined processes, which means your team can tackle more work in less time.

Increased productivity has a direct correlation with better margins and improved ROI.

4.    Reduced non-compliance and financial risk.

Timegate enables organisations to demonstrate compliance quickly and easily.

When operating in non-compliance, you run the risk of fines and fees, plus the associated costs of correction if errors come to light.

With compliance regulations that (seemingly) change by the minute, our solutions provide tracking and reporting options for compliance data.

This results in reduced financial risk for your business.

5.    Uplifted customer satisfaction.

Customer retention is critical to your business. That’s why our solutions focus on improving quality of services delivered, keying in on incident management and action plans.

Quality of services are proven through job photos and notes, and you can adjust service delivery as needed by updating plans on-the-go.

With settings configurable to your specific needs, you can keep your stakeholders updated on progress all the way through to resolution. Ultimately, the combination of improved quality of service and transparency improves customer satisfaction.

6.    Improved employee wellbeing.

It’s easy to think of software as only a technological improvement, but it can have immediate positive impacts on your employee and manager relations, employee retention and communications.

Employees can access their own pay slip information, send queries to managers, request shifts and time off, and review trainings or other documentations made available in the self-service portal from the field. That means you’re not requiring them to travel to and from a centralised office location to complete paperwork, claim payment or fulfil reviews.

7.    Reduced overall costs.

One of the biggest advantages of Timegate is the ability to provide a granular view of comprehensive business data.

For example, by connecting time and attendance and scheduling, Timegate facilitates a detailed view of labour costs. By monitoring labour costs and adjusting when needed, businesses can remove commercial overspend.

How to start implementing these benefits in your business.
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