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Timegate Recruit

Recruit and Onboard the Best

In industries with consistently high employee turnover, like cleaning and security, finding and securing talent for your business is critical, and you must be able to do it in a streamlined fashion to avoid wasting resources. Ensure you can onboard the best of the best — not the rest. Timegate Recruit is a high-performance recruiting and onboarding technology used by leading organizations who need slick, compliant processes to hire top talent. From automatically filtering the most suitable candidates to establishing identities and readiness for work, Timegate Recruit offers you a lean, results-driven hiring process.

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Automate, Streamline, Hire

Reduce costs and manual, time-consuming, error-prone processes by automating job applications. Automation is especially important for organisations with distributed workforces. Filters and tools enable you to focus only on the most capable, suitable candidates and move them forward at machine speed. This helps you to bring the right talent to the organisation, meet your strategic objectives and give back time to your HR teams.

Application Forms

Connect Timegate Recruit with your business by seamlessly matching the look and feel of your branding. Recruit enables candidates and their references to complete applications online removing barriers that paper processes present. Since requirements can change at a moment’s notice, you must have the ability to be agile and respond in real-time with applications updated to reflect any changes instantly to save you time on recalls, reprints and reissues.


Vetting and Screening

Correctly identifying, verifying and starting the hiring process in the field is often critical. Likewise, vetting and screening your employees is essential to keeping your business compliant. Automate significant parts of the processes like obtaining references, proof of ID, proof of address and right to work. Do it all transparently and efficiently, maintaining digital records every step of the way. Plus, Timegate Recruit is configured to check potential employees against any standards required, saving you from expensive fines and legal hassles. Note that some data services may require subscription to third parties for full vetting automation.


Our Recruit software is built from a rule-based design, disqualifying applications that are incomplete or contain exclusionary data. You can more quickly and effectively verify references, qualification updates, certifications and licensing expiry as you filter candidates, saving you time and money. Plus, Recruit tracks, flags, and queues workloads to your appropriate teams, making sure nothing slips through the gaps. It can also integrate fully with your office tools, credit reference agencies and other data providers.


Intelligent Compliance

As an intelligent compliance engine, Timegate Recruit keeps confidential and data-protected information secure, with customisable access authorisation settings by role to minimize potential risk for your hiring processes. Compliance doesn’t stop after an employee is hired, either. As things like qualifications, licenses and visas expire, Recruit regulates and flags which elements need to be addressed, giving you a clear path for action and ensuring your employees are compliant and ready for work.


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Don’t take our word for it. See how Timegate’s Recruit improves recruiting, onboarding and hiring processes for your cleaning, security or facilities management business.


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