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Accounting and Financial Management Software

Accounting and Financial Management

Profit margins for janitorial and security contractors are tight. When every dollar counts, you need to know where every dollar goes. WinTeam’s ERP accounting software makes it easy to create budgets and manage your cash flow like a pro. Comprehensive financial data gives you a complete picture of profitability down to the site level. And your financials tie to timekeeping, payroll and other operations data to make your processes seamless and efficient.

Welcome to smart financial management.

Accounting and Financial Management

Full Financial Data

Advanced financial and budgeting tools in our ERP accounting software help you go beyond basic bookkeeping.

Accounting and Financial Management

Be More Profitable

Know which jobs hit the mark and which ones don’t by tying all direct costs to the job or site level.

Accounting and Financial Management

Increase Efficiency

Shared financial and other business data in one system means efficient processes.

Accounting and Financial Management

See it for yourself.

Accounting and Financial Management

Job Costing: Budget Effectively

WinTeam’s ERP accounting software has a unique job-centric approach that ties every transaction in the software to a job or site. This means you can budget labor, materials and other direct costs to the job or site level. That kind of detail can help you make smarter decisions and boost revenue.

  • General Ledger integration
  • Precise budgeting tools
  • Customized reporting
Accounting and Financial Management

General Ledger: Smart Financial Management

The accounting software’s General Ledger allows you to record every financial transaction in your business and manage cash flow. Gain a laserlike focus on the funds moving in and out of your company and create powerful financial statements.

  • Bank reconciliation
  • Trial balance
  • Consolidated financial statements
Accounting and Financial Management
Accounting and Financial Management

Accounts Payable: Simplify Payments

The WinTeam ERP Accounts Payable module uses shared data to streamline and automate your processes to save you time and money.

  • Vendor management and purchase orders
  • Recurring and ACH payments
  • Payroll integration for garnishment management
  • Reconciliation tools
Accounting and Financial Management

Accounts Receivable: Bring in Cash Faster

Reduce your customers’ time to payment with the Accounts Receivable module in our ERP accounting software. Process invoices faster with work ticket and timekeeping data in the same system. Deliver invoices to clients by email or online through a customer self-service portal.

  • Collection tools
  • Sales tax and cash flow management
  • Recurring invoices for fixed billing rates
  • Inventory integration
Accounting and Financial Management
Accounting and Financial Management

Fixed Assets: Know Your Company’s Worth

Effectively managing fixed assets is crucial to accurate financial statements and tax compliance. The Fixed Assets feature in our holistic accounting and financial ERP gives you a precise view of your business’s value.

  • Track equipment assets, repairs and nondepreciable items.
  • Assign equipment to jobs.
  • Divide equipment costs among several jobs.
Accounting and Financial Management


Accounting types may get a bad rap for being boring number crunchers. But WinTeam’s shared data makes processes seamless and efficiency a piece of cake. That’s anything but boring. With ERP accounting and financial tools, job-level profitability insight is possible with all your business data is in one holistic software system.

Accounting and Financial Management
“The biggest benefit is having all the data in one spot and getting up-to-the-second job costing. When we look at financials at a high level, it’s hard to see where the problems are. Ten jobs might be good, and ten might be bad, but it averages out to be on budget. With job costing, you can actually see trends at each job.”

Steve Goetz, Director of Finance

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