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Applicant Tracking System

High employee turnover is a huge issue for janitorial and security companies. Making sure you hire reliable cleaners and guards for the long term is crucial.

Our applicant tracking system helps you focus on finding and hiring the right cleaners and guards quickly instead of managing inefficient processes. And that can make a big difference on retention and, ultimately, your bottom line.

Applicant Tracking System

See it for yourself.

Manage Job Postings

In high employee turnover industries like janitorial and security, filling open positions with qualified applicants is a constant challenge. A complicated or lengthy hiring process can cost you qualified hires, too. An applicant tracking system creates a simple, streamlined process to help you source qualified applicants at high volume. Post jobs to the most popular job boards automatically with one click. Direct applicants to simple, bilingual and mobile applications on your own dedicated easy-to-use web portal. And do it all with less paper and fewer manual processes so you can focus on what matters most: finding — and retaining — the right cleaners and guards.

  • Easily build and duplicate job postings that get noticed by the right candidates
  • Access job boards made for the janitorial and security industries
  • Use simple bilingual and mobile applications
Applicant Tracking System

Engage and Automate

Engage your applicants effortlessly with automated communication tools. Increase consistency throughout the hiring process by branding your dedicated, mobile-friendly careers portal and creating communication and job post templates. Schedule interviews in bulk to expedite the interview process. Then, keep candidates up-to-date with automatic text reminders for interviews, applicant tasks and new hire follow up. It’s all driven by a simple-to-use and easy-to-manage interface for your back-office staff and your potential new employees.

  • Customize your careers web portal to your brand
  • Save time with standard templates for communication and jobs
  • Automate reminder texts to keep applicants engaged

Interview Smart, Hire Smart

Instead of managing applications across multiple platforms, standardize your process to easily compare and evaluate applicants based on the same information. Use a one-of-a-kind work-style assessment designed just for the security and janitorial industries, or create job-specific questions to find, hire and retain employees in roles where they can thrive. Even more, validate your hiring decisions and protect your business reputation with integrations to complete criminal background-check tools to identify and eliminate unqualified applicants with one click before they set foot in the door.

  • View candidates in a standard format and evaluate on the same criteria
  • Create tailored questions to sort and filter the right candidates
  • Use one-click criminal background checks to protect your business
Applicant Tracking System

Get to Work Fast

Once you’ve hired your cleaners and guards, bypass unnecessary paper processes and get them to work fast. Streamline the onboarding process by integrating your applicant tracking system with onboarding software that’s tailored to your hiring process and job-specific requirements. Complete required prehire documentation, like federal and state forms, and distribute company handbooks or job-based policies prior to their first day via text messages and digital workflows. Add on automatic E-Verify integration to ensure compliance with state-specific forms and regulations, as well as federal contract compliance (OFCCP).

  • Eliminate paper and leverage digital processes and workflows
  • Complete prehire paperwork before the first day
  • Ensure compliance with an automatic integration to E-Verify

Earn Credit for Hires with WOTC

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a federal tax credit available to employers who hire and retain individuals and veterans with significant barriers to employment, worth up to $2,400 for each new hire. Required WOTC filing information is built into your onboarding software to take the hassle out of claiming your tax credits. Ready-made reports mean managing monthly submissions for all 50 states is painless, too.

  • Leverage the onboarding process to collect the required WOTC data
  • Manage WOTC requirements for all 50 states in one spot
  • Make monthly submissions a breeze with ready-made reports

Goodbye Paper, Hello Efficiency

Constant hiring in the janitorial and security industries used to mean mountains of paperwork and document shuffling. But, with an applicant tracking system, say goodbye to paper applications, federal and state forms, handbooks and other employee hiring forms and welcome more automation and efficiency. Digitally store, manage and share all your candidate and hiring documents quickly and easily, and access them whenever and wherever you need.

  • Keep all your candidate information in one place
  • Store all your hiring documents digitally
  • Access documents and data anytime, anywhere
Applicant Tracking System


One-size-fits-all hiring software is a thing of the past. Kwantek from TEAM Software is a prehire solution with applicant tracking and onboarding software designed for high-turnover janitorial and security businesses. It’s a complete software solution to manage all your prehire needs from recruitment to onboarding.

Don’t stop at workforce recruiting and onboarding.
Integrate your prehire solution with back-office business management software.

Connect Kwantek to WinTeam, our holistic platform for work and people scheduling, billing, payroll, accounting and more, for a better way to manage your janitorial or security business from start to finish.

Applicant Tracking System