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Guard Touring and Location-Tracking Software

Guard touring and
location-tracking software.

Trust is at the heart of cleaning and security services. Guard touring and location-tracking software enables real-time visibility of your entire workforce, so you have new assurance that all tours, loops and tasks are completed. Your company’s promise now has proof.

Whether you’re a security contractor tracking guard tours and patrols, or you’re a cleaning contractor who monitors loop times and rotations, touring and location-tracking software helps you improve performance, reduce costs, prove service and mitigate risk.

Flexible technology options mean you can use
the best solution for your sites.

Guard Touring and Location-Tracking


Recommended most for outdoor tracking, vehicle patrol or when only building-level accuracy is required, GPS is built into even the cheapest smartphones, making it one of the cheaper and most ubiquitous options.

Guard Touring and Location-Tracking


More expensive than other options, Bluetooth beacons have more broadcast capacity than other solutions. Beacons function well for sites that are underground or in very large buildings, like hospitals and shopping malls, and are best when you need highly accurate, passive tracking.

Guard Touring and Location-Tracking

QR Codes

QR codes are a very low-cost solution for close proximity scans that don’t require internet access or passive tracking capability. QR Codes are good for locations that need granular and checkpoint tracking or when many zones must be inspected.

Guard Touring and Location-Tracking


Also good for checkpoint tracking, a radio-frequency identification (RFID) system is comprised of tags. RFID has a wide range of options and costs. Near-field communication (NFC) systems are a type of RFID built into most mobile devices. It’s inexpensive, energy efficient and highly accurate.

A comprehensive look at location tracking technologies.

Guard Touring and Location-Tracking

See it for yourself.

Guard touring for security contractors.

For security contractors, guard touring software gives you complete visibility of your guards in the field with a mobile app to record patrols and tours and web-based reporting to monitor security services and improve performance over time. Our guard touring application passively monitors the location of guards in the background and allows them to record predefined checkpoints, capture and respond to incidents, and send duress alerts from wherever they are.

Location tracking for cleaning contractors.

With employee location-tracking software, cleaning contractors get a full view of cleaning operations and activity in the field. Managers can see where cleaners are on a map to determine the best — and closest—cleaner to respond to issues. Location-tracking software can also provide evidence against slip-and-fall claims to increase safety, protect against litigation and reduce risk. To meet contracted service requirements, managers can ensure key zones are serviced at regular, defined intervals by setting up loop times to automatically monitor the time since the last service, which can reduce the frequency of missed service by as much as 30 percent.

Guard Touring and Location-Tracking

Prove Service & Mitigate Risk

Prove to customers that patrols and loops were completed and issues were resolved. Pinpoint exactly where guards and cleaners are and have been through real-time and back-in-time reporting.

Guard Touring and Location-Tracking

Comply with Contracts

Centralized web-based reporting measures compliance with patrols and loop times, and real-time location data means management can be sure guards and cleaners meet service requirements.

Guard Touring and Location-Tracking

Respond Faster

A real-time activity feed enables faster response times for issues reported from the field. Live maps are used to quickly identify a guard or cleaner’s location and assign tasks.

Guard Touring and Location-Tracking

Save Money

Improve performance and lower labor costs using key metrics and reports based on location data. Optimize location tracking technology by site needs to further control costs.

Guard Touring and Location-Tracking


View, manage and simplify workforce operations using a single platform. With Lighthouse, you’ll know that all workers are where they need to be. Other features help monitor cleaning task completion and rotation loops or guard touring and patrols, as they happen. Plus, ongoing reports document risk management compliance, help defend against claims and reveal where efficiencies can be gained.

Guard Touring and Location-Tracking
“Lighthouse is setting the standard for mobile and cloud-based guard management software. It helps us provide transparency to our customers, and the reporting helps us improve the efficiency and quality of our guard services.”

Justin Benney — Director
Advent Security Guard Services

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Advent Security: Improving Efficiency and Quality with Lighthouse