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Operations and Workforce
Management Software

Operations and Workforce Management

Track your people and assets. Schedule work and people. Bid cleaning jobs. Manage inventory and equipment. Ensure quality and engagement. Gain efficiency and put valuable time back in your day with industry-specific operations and workforce management software. Visualize and optimize the quality and cost of operations across all of your sites with a solution you can manage on the web, mobile and anywhere.

Service contractors can transform their business efficiency with a holistic system that connects back-office functions to field workforce productivity and save you a ton of time and cut costs. With integrated accounting features, you can streamline your process and get an unparalleled view of job-level profitability. Add on a touring and tracking solution to get peace of mind and improve service delivery.

Enterprise software for efficient operations.

Operations and Workforce Management

Save Time
and Money

An integrated ERP system brings together operations and workforce management components. On top of lower technology costs, you benefit from one-time data entry, process automation and shared data.

Operations and Workforce Management

From Back
Office to Field

Security and janitorial contractors have complex business needs that span back office functions to field-based operations. Manage it all better with a 360-degree view of your business.

Operations and Workforce Management


Our industry-specific ERP ties labor, materials and other direct operational costs to a site, so you can see which accounts are driving your success.

Operations and Workforce Management

Features Go Where You Go

Web and mobile features allow you to fill open shifts, enter billable work, perform inspections and send messages from anywhere.

Operations and Workforce Management

See it for yourself.

Operations and Workforce Management

Work and Employee Scheduling

Our powerful scheduling software features help you manage tasks and people proactively. Janitorial and security contractors of all sizes can keep costs in check, cut overtime and execute work on time and on budget.

  • Track project and recurring work.
  • Create billable work on the fly.
  • Avoid overtime proactively.
  • Fill open shifts with qualified employees.
Operations and Workforce Management

Inspections and Quality Assurance

Strengthen customer relationships with proof of your commitment to quality work. Inspections and quality assurance features make exceptional customer service a no-brainer. And self-service options help your workforce respond to needs and keep your customers informed.

  • Perform cleaning inspections to prove quality.
  • See and share results instantly.
  • Resolve deficiencies and analyze trends.
  • Customize for surveys or other customer needs.
Operations and Workforce Management
Operations and Workforce Management

Inventory Management

WinTeam’s Inventory module has tools for both building service and security contractors to manage inventory needs like job site supplies, equipment and uniforms.

  • Supply and revenue management features
  • Resale options with AR integration
  • Uniform and equipment tracking
  • Payroll integration for uniform and equipment costs
Operations and Workforce Management

Workloading and Bidding

Create accurate, professional proposals with TeamBid, our workloading and bidding software in WinTeam. TeamBid helps janitorial contractors develop competitive bids fast using industry standard production rates. Produce informative proposals with cost breakdowns, timelines and milestones.

  • Use workloading data from industry-standards.
  • Maximize your target profit with detailed what-if scenarios.
  • Create smart bids from custom templates.
  • Give customers informative, accurate proposals.
Operations and Workforce Management
Operations and Workforce Management

Employee and Customer Self-Service

Simplify operations and give field-based workers instant access to the tools they need to do their jobs. A self-service solution also helps connect with customers, reduce response time and prove accountability. It’s an engaging way to boost productivity and gain a competitive edge.

  • Manage jobs, schedules, work and people from one place.
  • View pay stubs, benefits and other personal information.
  • Offer customers job site visibility and online invoices.
  • Enjoy seamless data integration from the field to the back office.
Operations and Workforce Management
“We’ve gained a lot more efficiency. We’ve experienced tons of growth and have been able to accomplish everything we needed to without adding staff. It’s way more than just accounting software, and that all-in-one integration factor is key.”

Gabor Elcsics, CFO
United Services of America

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