Track Employee Compliance with Checkpoints

12/01/15 | 8:00AM | Posted by TEAM Software

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d461f77f-8827-4e34-a03a-cc7a1af6dd4aWelcome back. On this week’s episode of “Hidden Gems,” we’ll cover a recently released enhancement that boosts efficiency by marrying two important features within WinTeam: Compliance Tracker and Checkpoints in Quality Assurance.

Does your organization require any of the following?

  • OJT (On the Job Training) courses
  • CPR recertification
  • Cleaning procedure refreshers
  • Annual MSDS qualification
  • Company policy acknowledgement

Most do. So, we created this solution to simplify the process of managing these compliance requirements for your in-field staff. You no longer have to manually copy information from a Checkpoint to Compliance Tracker.

Here’s how this works:

  1. Add a compliance code to the appropriate Checkpoint template.
  2. An employee completes the Checkpoint with a passing grade.
  3. If that Checkpoint is associated with an open (due) compliance item, we close it.
  4. That’s it!

Whether it’s a self-administered questionnaire certifying that Jane understands the organization’s sick leave policy, or a supervisor-administered exam requalifying John as a company driver, a passing score on a Checkpoint automatically marks the associated compliance requirement as complete in Compliance Tracker.


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