Keeping Customers First with Industry-Focused Product Managers

09/13/17 | 8:30AM | Posted by TEAM Software

TEAM Software is adding industry-specific product manager positions to continue our client commitment.


“Provide consistent, increasing and visible value to our customers.”


Back in 2016, TEAM’s CEO and President John Leiferman stated that this was TEAM’s over-arching commitment to our customers. Now, there are many ways we carry this out: listening to our customers, anticipating their needs and communicating clearly are just a few. Another key way we demonstrate that customer-first mentality, and what differentiates us as a software provider, is our focus on the security and building service industries.


TEAM has been serving building service and security contractors for nearly 30 years. To boost our commitment to these industries and strengthen our expertise, we’re hiring for two new positions created specifically to focus on needs and opportunities for security and building service contractors. These product manager positions will be an integral part of our Product Management group and will guide our future solutions. The goal? Collect and develop new solutions or features based on their specific knowledge of the building service or security industry, input from customers and industry trends.


These roles require depth and expertise in the contract security or building service industry, so the product manager can drive the vision for our product roadmap and execute accordingly. Taking a collaborative approach, these product managers will be able to anticipate industry trends and changes to better advocate for our customers’ needs. And, in the end, this will help us provide the consistent, increasing and visible value to our customers we committed to.


To learn more about these positions and how they will contribute to our continuing success as well as our customers’ success, take a look at the Product Manager for the Security Industry and the Product Manager for the Building Service Industry roles.



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