Building Service and Security Contractors: Trends, Innovations and Challenges

Get caught up with the latest news from TEAM and the industry.

Building Service Contractors

Survive thin profit margins with job costing and integrated data.

For building service contractors and commercial cleaners, profit margins tend to be razor thin. With these market conditions, understanding profitability is more important than ever. This type of insight is vital to controlling costs, protecting margins and getting a true picture of the business’s financial performance. Find out how Janitronics uses integrated data from TEAM’s solutions to increase efficiency, customer service and profitability.

Current business conditions for building service contractors show optimism and growth.

Contracting Profits and Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI) recently surveyed building service contractors to gauge current business conditions and industry averages. The majority of BSCs surveyed experienced higher profits in 2017 than 2016, and that trend is expected to continue throughout 2018. The full report can be found here.

Bust ghost employees with time and attendance technology.

You’ve probably heard of buddy punching, but did you know that your janitorial company might be haunted by ghost employees? One TEAM customer discovered that ghost employees cost the company approximately $1 million over 10 years. This could have been prevented by using a time and attendance technology like TeamTime. Learn more in our Advantage Maintenance case study.

Security Contractors

What could your business do with nine extra days each month?

Phelps Security wanted to find out, so they went on the hunt for a better solution than their cumbersome manual processes and manual subpar software systems. They knew needed to transition to something that could be sustainable for future growth, and they found that in WinTeam. Read more about how they cut payroll processing time from five days per pay period to half a day by implementing TEAM’s integrated software solutions in our latest security case study.

Recruiting for hourly positions: a five-part series from Kwantek.

Kwantek, one of TEAM’s strategic partners, specializes in providing businesses with the best-quality hiring tools available. They have processed millions of applications in the security and building service industries which has given them enough data to identify the common bottlenecks in the pre-hire process. They have put together a five-part blog series outlining the best practices for your recruiting from application to on-boarding.

Looking for a competitive advantage?

An integrated business management software system might be exactly what you need. Streamlining processes and data into one system provides better information, more transparency and enhanced efficiency. Read our Titan Security case study to find out how they leverage WinTeam and other TEAM solutions to increase efficiencies and attract top tier talent.

If you’re looking for additional information for building service and security contractors, check out our Resource Library. You’ll find quick guides, checklists, case studies, white papers and more.