Two Ways to Prevent Time Theft

Learn how using the right technology and the right processes can help you combat time theft.

Time theft plagues businesses of every size, in every industry. It’s just one of those things that companies have come to expect. But, your business can take steps to combat time theft by using the right technology and strengthening your time and attendance processes.


Don’t believe time theft or other kinds of labor fraud can happen to you? Read how one company was haunted for nearly a decade by ghost employees who cost the company an estimated $1 million over 10 years. With the help of TEAM Software’s time and attendance technology and improved hiring and payroll practices, the company is better prepared to prevent fraud and save money. Learn more in this case study.

P.S. If you’re attending TEAM Client Conference 2018, you can join one of the interactive sessions to learn how to use TEAM’s time and attendance solution.



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