Building Success with TEAM Pro Services

Optimize your business with a tailored approach.

We know a one-size-fits-all strategy doesn’t cut it to grow and optimize your business. TEAM Pro Services goes beyond traditional training and ongoing client support by offering a customized approach to business problems, developed and delivered by TEAM Pros. Backed by proven experience and best practices, TEAM Pros help you tackle big-picture business challenges using industry knowledge and our software expertise. Our integrated software is designed to streamline business processes and drive efficiency across your organization.

“As we were developing Pro Services, our goal was to gather a group of highly skilled, professional individuals, who have a proven expertise in TEAM’s solutions and extensive experience in specific fields of business operations,” explains Dwaine Sohnholz, TEAM Pro Lead and Senior Director of Business Strategy. “The TEAM Pros are dedicated to helping you alleviate recurring problems across your organization.”

Start with a Health Check

Most Pro Services engagements start with a Health Check. This collaborative assessment helps determine the current state of your organization and identify areas to improve efficiency and effectiveness. By factoring in your current and future company goals, the Health Check helps prioritize activities and provide the most value and biggest positive impact on your business operations.

“The Health Check is really an opportunity for us to work directly with a client to understand the organization’s operational, financial or workforce management challenges and where we can help increase efficiencies using TEAM solutions,” said Sohnholz.

What is a Health Check?

The Health Check is a three-phase process that takes seven to 10 business days to complete. By the end of the process, we’ll have helped you identify areas where you’re operating at peak efficiency, those areas where you could improve, and we’ll provide recommendations on how to make those improvements. Here are a few of the key questions we ask during a Health Check:

  • Have you noticed any changes to your organization within the last 30, 60, 90 days?
  • Where do you have pain points?
  • What kind of problems are you experiencing?
  • What gaps exists today?
  • What knowledge is missing?

“We’re going to look at your organization’s natural cycle of work and see if there are gaps and pain points,” said Rick Killings, TEAM Pro and Director of Client Services. “By maximizing your technology to its fullest potential, you can achieve operational continuity and financial accuracy like never before.”

Discovery Phase

The first phase in a Health Check is Discovery. This can be completed on-site over two to three days or via online meetings.

Step 1: Executive interview

TEAM Pros meet with your executives to learn more about the goals and direction of the company.

Step 2: One-on-one interviews

TEAM Pros meet with your staff in one-on-one interviews to learn about processes related to TEAM solutions, like how you process payroll, period end or scheduling. Then they review external processes that tie to TEAM solutions.

Step 3: Database review

TEAM Pros then review your database to validate what they learned in the interviews, corroborating what is happening in the software to what the staff shared.

Prescription Phase

Then, the Health Check moves on to the Prescription phase where all the information gathered in Discovery comes together in a proposed plan of action. Your Pro will create a customized summary report that identifies policy and procedure improvements and recommendations. The report may also include suggested training or additional TEAM solutions to handle time and attendance, workforce management or business intelligence. TEAM Pros and your executives meet in a collaborative session to determine the best course of action based on the report. The group develops a detailed plan, complete with a timeline and milestones.

Implementation Phase

At TEAM, we love to get stuff done (GSD). And, our Pros love seeing a good plan come together — and be executed. So, you’ll work alongside your Pro to GSD. The TEAM Pro will help you make decisions, create documentation or processes, provide TEAM solution expertise, conduct industry research or align you with the right experts to help support the effort. Whether it’s training, quarterly check-ins or general guidance throughout the entire implementation, TEAM Pros will be there to support your plan and ensure your goals are met.

“By completing the Health Check, you’ll have the knowledge you need — backed by research and industry best practices — to close the gaps, make key decisions and drive your company forward,” said Sohnholz.