Fact or Myth: An ERP Can Help You Manage Your Business Better

Bust through the misconceptions of what an ERP can do for your janitorial or security business.

When it comes to purchase decisions, few things can impact as many facets of your janitorial or security business as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. A holistic technology solution like an ERP is used across your organization and basically acts as the “brain” of your business. An ERP helps manage your business and automate back office functions related to finance, human resources and operations, and connects your field operations — all in a single interface. Despite all that, it’s not a magic wand. It won’t be able to fix broken processes if you’re not willing to put in the work. We’re here to help you break through a few myths of what an ERP can — and can’t — do as it relates to your janitorial or security business.   

An ERP can maximize efficiency with integrated software applications.


Through the integration that comes with an ERP, you can do more in less time with fewer staff. You’ll eliminate errors and the delays and issues that come from disparate software applications, so you can spend more time and effort on higher-value activities like winning new business and engaging with your employees and customers.

With the increased efficiency from a holistic ERP, you save from hiring additional back-office staff and hire where it makes the most sense for your business — cleaners and guards out in the field. This helps you take on more jobs and grow your bottom line.

An ERP can magically earn you more money without investing any time or resources.


An ERP is not a magical cure-all. It takes time, money and preparation to successfully implement an ERP across your organization. It’s important to have practical expectations for what goes into purchasing, implementing and maintaining a holistic technology platform. To get a return on investment, first you must do just that — invest.

When budgeting for an ERP, make sure you’ve considered all related costs, so you don’t go over-budget before completing implementation. Consider things like user licenses, training, technological infrastructure upgrades, ongoing maintenance and staff needed to dedicate to implementing the system across your organization.

An ERP can provide real-time/near real-time shared data.


In industries with tough competition, it’s important to get — and stay — ahead. One way to do this is to improve your bottom line by paying closer attention to your data. Because an ERP software system leverages shared data, you have access to the latest actionable, in-depth information from across your organization.

With all your business data in one system, you can harness powerful reporting capabilities to spot problems sooner, jump on business opportunities and get a clear picture of your profitability down to the job level.

An ERP can serve your business even if you don’t evolve with the technology.


The most successful businesses adapt to fit market or customer needs and maintain steady growth. You must evolve your technology platform to accommodate that, otherwise it won’t simply propel your business forward. You can’t afford to miss opportunities to win business, achieve more efficiency or scale operations, especially in the competitive landscape for service contractors.

Once you’ve implemented your ERP, it’s important to evaluate how to better leverage your technology to be more successful. Consider moving beyond the basics and implementing other parts of the ERP you left out of your initial implementation. Look at adding features like automated timekeeping, business intelligence or self-service capabilities to get even more value out of your system. With ongoing maintenance and improvement, you can better leverage your ERP to further drive your business.

Ready to learn more about what an ERP can do for your janitorial or security business? Download our Definitive ERP Guide for Janitorial and Security Contractors to help you determine if an ERP is right for your business.

PS: in case you were still wondering, the title is a fact.