Four Tips to Simplify Open Enrollment

A Yearly Insurance Benefits Refresher

With distributed workforces, even seemingly straightforward processes become problematic quickly. So, when you’re tackling something complex like benefits open enrollment, the possibility of missed information, incorrect data and communication problems is even greater. Here are four tips to help save time, reduce stress and simplify your open enrollment process.


It’s well-known that manual processes are error-prone, arduous, inefficient time-wasters. Automating processes and moving away from distribution and collection of paper forms can save your HR staff (or operations staff if your back-office team is small enough) an immense amount of time and headaches. Use an online tool that distributed workforces and shift-workers can access anywhere. You can avoid “return to sender” issues, lost forms, delayed responses, manual data entry, inaccuracies and more by adopting an online solution. Additionally, you’re cutting out the expense of printing and mailing forms to your employees.


As we mentioned in part one of our insurance benefits refresher, you can’t overcommunicate when you’re working with distributed workforces. You need to give your employees plenty of notice that open enrollment is coming using all the communication tools you have available. A single email or bulletin board notice won’t cut it anymore.

  • Send SMS text messages or push notifications through a workforce management app.
  • Send site- or employee-specific messages when employees clock in or out using your time and attendance solution.
  • Add reminders to digital or printed pay stubs and paychecks.
  • Post articles to your company intranet.
  • Post messages to company bulletin boards, communication centers or online message boards on your employee self-service solution.


Put the power in your employees’ hands by giving them access to what-if cost scenarios and role-based options through an online enrollment tool. The more information you can give your employees, the less likely you’re going to have hundreds of employees lined up outside your office with questions during your open enrollment period. The best online enrollment tools give your employees access to wizards that walk them through the process and allow them to see what their total spend would be as they select or waive coverage for each benefit offered. It’s a time-saver for both employers and employees.


Your online enrollment tool should be connected directly to your human resources software to update employee information, beneficiary information and payroll deductions. By using a fully integrated system that leverages shared data from across your organization, you can gain significant efficiency and can simplify complicated processes like benefits management for distributed workforces.

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