How Retention Metrics Can Improve Sales and Grow Your Business

Differentiate your business through improved retention.

Over the past few weeks, Kwantek and TEAM Software have shared the importance of knowing your retention numbers through our five-part blog series. As strategic partners with end-to-end solutions specific to the janitorial and security industries, we know how important issues like retention and turnover are to your business. We hear it every day from our customers, prospects and industry partners. That’s why we’ve covered everything from the basics of determining cost per hire and the difference between retention and turnover, to looking at how you incentivize your site managers in relation to retention and how correctly evaluating your site managers can help grow your bottom line.

At this point, you know improving your employee retention can positively impact several aspects of your business including reducing your cost per hire, saving your HR department a lot of headaches and improving customer satisfaction, to name a few. But, the smartest companies leverage retention to improve their sales process as well.

You Know Your Retention Metrics, Now What?

Are you ready to integrate your retention metrics into your sales process? Download our exclusive retention eBook produced in partnership with Kwantek to find out how to deliver this message to prospects to help close the deal.

Special thanks to our partners at Kwantek for helping us put this blog series together. If you missed our webinar we produced with Kwantek about this topic, be sure to click here to watch the replay.

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