Why Integrated Technology is Worth the Spend

Maximize efficiency, automate operations and drive profitability.

We all know it’s important to invest in your business to remain successful. From hiring the right people to leveraging the latest technology, it’s essential to your future growth to stay engaged with industry trends and innovations. For businesses with distributed workforces, such as security or building service contractors, it’s especially critical to find the right technology to connect and communicate with your staff in the back office and the field. By leveraging shared data across your organization, you can save time, automate processes and drive profitability. You don’t have to just take our word for it though – we’ve sat down with several TEAM clients to discuss how TEAM’s solutions have helped their businesses be more successful.

Maximize efficiency

“Profit from efficiency” is more than just a mantra on a wall for us, it’s what sets our solutions apart. Gabor Elcsics, CFO of United Services of America, an Affineco Company, has seen a drastic increase in efficiency and growth. This building service contractor (BSC) based in Connecticut experienced 800 percent revenue growth over a six-year period without having to add staff, in part because of efficiency improvements gained through TEAM’s solutions.

“It’s way more than just accounting software, and that all-in-one integration factor is key. We’re a growing company, and the amount of money we’d have to spend to get similar offerings elsewhere, we would have to almost go to customized software to do what we want to do,” said Elcsics.

The benefits of integrated technology span the organization, so nearly every department gains an efficiency advantage. Jaime Brosnan, Director of Marketing and Communications at Brosnan Risk Consultants, a security contracting firm based in New York, saw onboarding time for new employee paperwork decrease from 20 minutes to an average of three minutes per employee thanks to eHub, TEAM’s workforce management and employee and customer self-service solution. By managing their workforce and tasks more efficiently from the beginning, Brosnan can use fewer internal resources and continue to grow.

Drive profitability

For Mike Reschke, COO of RBM Services, Inc., a BSC headquartered in Utah, “It really came down to dollars and cents, and I proved that we could more than pay for the cost of the system. The thing I like about TEAM is the full integration paired with the cost savings benefits.”

Back in 2007 when Reschke started with the company, RBM was relying on QuickBooks and third-party providers for payroll and timekeeping management and collecting timekeeping sheets via fax. Implementing WinTeam – TEAM’s core financial, operations and workforce management solution –enabled RBM to bring payroll and timekeeping in house, a move that, in Reschke’s estimation, has saved RBM the most money and time due to the integrated data. Not only could they eliminate two third-party vendors, but with automated time and attendance software, paper timesheets were no longer necessary, eliminating a lot of manual data entry and errors.

Automate operations

Having one integrated system can help automate processes across departments, decreasing redundancies and clunky paper processes. Kaylee Brown, Vice President of Finance with Carlson Building Maintenance, a BSC in Minnesota, identifies the integration factor as key in enabling the company to do more with less. While company growth was steady, Brown said she was able to save 1.5 full-time employees through more efficient processes and better information management.

“TEAM has helped us budget and has positioned us for steady growth,” she said.

Gail Tutt, controller at First Alarm Security and Patrol, a California-based security contractor, sees the automation and integration as a key benefit to using WinTeam, too.

“For us, the biggest advantage of using a fully integrated system has been the ease of use. There’s just one platform to use,” she said. “It’s global, go-anywhere functionality. It’s easier for operation managers to fix things like timekeeping on the fly and not have to sit at a desk somewhere to do it.”

The software system has also proven to be a scalable solution that has driven efficiency and enabled growth for the guarding company. Through strategic purchasing contracts and organic growth, the company has seen a minimum of 35 percent year-over-year growth without having to increase staff significantly to keep up.

Find technology that will scale with your business

There’s no denying that integrated technology is a significant investment, so you want to make sure it’ll pay for itself in efficiency and automation. Technology is only going to start absorbing more of your budget as distributed workforces become more reliant on mobile technology, so, in addition to choosing a solution that will boost efficiency, profitability and operational effectiveness, look for software that will enable growth and set you up for success now and well into the future.