Three Reasons You Need Workforce Management

Increase site visibility, employee accountability and communication with workforce management technology for your small security business.

For small security contractors with distributed workforces, site level visibility, managing hourly staff and keeping communication lines open are key areas that can make or break your business. While spreadsheets, emails and texts can suffice for a while, those tools typically aren’t sustainable, growth-enabling or without complexity. Using an always-on solution can help you manage and track productivity, open up communication and retain the employees who are making an impact. Here are three ways you can improve your small security business with workforce management technology.

1. Site visibility

When you manage a distributed workforce, you need to know what’s going on at your sites, even when you’re not there. With a workforce management solution, you can get a virtual, real-time view of your field and know who’s clocked in — and who’s not. You can spend less time worrying if a guard showed up for a shift and more time focused on high-value activities that help grow your business.

2. Employee accountability

With increased visibility, comes increased accountability. You’ll know which guards show up on time and which ones don’t. You’ll know who is missing punches, shifts or lunch breaks. You’ll be able to hold your guards accountable and handle issues in real time. When you can tackle timekeeping issues as they happen, you save yourself the time (and headache) of exporting bad data to your payroll solution. Instead, you can tackle payroll like a pro and export error-free timekeeping data daily. And, you’ll keep your customers happy when your guards are where they need to be delivering on your contract agreements.

3. Communication 

With an all-in-one workforce management solution, you can deliver schedules and site instructions to your workforce to ensure they know where they need to be and what they need to do when they get there. Increasing communication to your distributed workforce helps create a stronger connection with your guards and can help with retention.

Interested in learning more about what workforce management can do for a small security contractor? Download our case study below to see how one security contractor is using workforce management to deliver on the high standards that have become the company’s competitive advantage.