Integrations from TEAM Software

05/01/18 | 9:00AM | Posted by TEAM Software


Connect even more of your business data with integrations.

TEAM integrations


Your business has a lot of moving parts, and in today’s world, being able to automate business processes is crucial to your success. Manual data entry and data errors are becoming a thing of the past as the use of integrations becomes more prevalent. As a TEAM customer, you have access to mountains of financial, operations and workforce management data in our solutions. And, we understand that while our solutions cover a lot of your business functions, there is other software that you may want to extract data from like customer relationship management (CRM), employee tracking or guard touring, to name a few. That’s why we’ve expanded our ability to integrate with third-party systems.


“Our customers can now experience the integrated value proposition of WinTeam with the other systems they use to manage their business,” said Michelle Shanholtz, Vice President of Product Management. “These third-party integrations align with our goal to become more open and enable strategic connections so you can maintain your data in one place.”


Through select customer, job and employee imports and exports, you can connect your other business solutions to WinTeam to achieve a more seamless experience that eliminates redundant data entry, increases data integrity and makes the most of your resources.


Here are some of the upcoming basic integrations:


  • Customer, employee and job data exports to guard touring, event management and employee tracking systems.
  • Time and attendance data imports from timekeeping, guard touring and employee location tracking systems.
  • Customer, job and contact imports from customer relationship management systems like SalesForce.


In addition to our partnerships with best-of-breed software providers, we’ve expanded these standard data exchanges to help you maximize your TEAM solutions and drive efficiency across your organization.


“We strive to make our customers’ lives easier through our solutions. Because integrations can help simplify processes, reduce time and reduce errors in day-to-day activities, we’re excited to launch these new integrations and continue providing value-added features,” said Shanholtz.


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