New Scheduling Features for Distributed Workforces

07/11/17 | 8:30AM | Posted by TEAM Software

Personnel Scheduling


Publish, Communicate and Confirm the Schedule with Your Employees


Scheduling at its core is a simple concept — your job sites need workers and your workers need work. But when you factor in availability, time-off requests, job requirements or certifications, special requests and everything else, scheduling can be complicated. Plus, once you have the scheduled finalized, you must distribute it to your employees. And then, if you want confirmation that they know their schedule, it’s a tedious process of contacting each person individually.


Because we understand that scheduling is core to your business, TEAM is releasing new features for our scheduling solution we think you’re going to love.


Publishing the schedule.
If you’re one of those companies whose working schedule looks a bit like Swiss cheese, pay attention. During that period of flux, rather than having your schedule open for all to see on the eHub web portal or mobile app, one of the new features allows you to keep the schedule private before publishing the final version. So, while you’re finalizing it by filling open positions and making other adjustments, the schedule is behind-the-scenes, and only the completed version is shared via eHub with all your employees. You also have the option to share the work-in-progress schedule with supervisors so they can help fill the open positions or review it before the final version is ready, and this helps limit multiple revisions and edits once the schedule is posted.


And, to ensure you don’t forget to publish the final schedule, we’ve created an automatic publish date that you can set based on your needs.


Communicating the schedule.
So, you have the schedule ready to go, but how do you communicate to all your employees that it’s out there? Telepathy? Osmosis? What if you could click a button and fire off a push notification (or an SMS text message) to any employee using eHub mobile? Now we’re talking!


With these schedule notification tools, you don’t have to worry about whether your employees know their schedule is available. And, your employees don’t have to obsessively check eHub for their new schedule. Notifications are a huge step to eliminating tedious staff tasks, too. Sure, you might still have office staff calling those handful of employees who don’t use mobile phones or for special scenarios, but by and large, you can automate this part of the process. TEAM’s working on some additional mass communication features for later this year. Stay tuned for more information.


Confirming the schedule.
How many times have you had an employee not show up for their scheduled shift and their response was, “I didn’t know I was supposed to work”? Or, maybe you’re one of those companies who brings in staff specifically to call all your employees to communicate and confirm the new schedule with your workforce.


By enabling the new Schedule Confirmation feature, once your schedule is ready, all employees can log on to eHub and “confirm” their schedule. With a quick tap, they let you know they’ve seen their schedule and know when they are supposed to work. And, for those who haven’t confirmed their schedule, you can contact them and easily confirm their schedule right over the phone. Supervisors can track when the confirmations are completed and by whom in the eHub web portal, so you can get peace of mind knowing that your staff understands when and where they work. Pair this with the notification feature, and you can let your employees know the schedule is ready and have them confirm it, all in one simple, automated process.


We want to help you operate more efficiently, and these scheduling features are more tools for your efficiency arsenal. They’ll help eliminate extra staff hours by streamlining and automating processes, and give you another way to connect and engage with your employees in the field.