Integrated Scheduling Software: The Benefits

06/07/16 | 8:00AM | Posted by TEAM Software

CATEGORIES: Best Practices, Solutions

calendar-01Effective workforce management is a key cost-saving factor for businesses, especially in service industries where thin margins and distributed workforces are a constant challenge. It’s a lot easier to manage employees and overcome these obstacles with a comprehensive scheduling solution – especially if that solution is integrated with an Enterprise Resource Management system, or a software suite that includes accounting and financial features, employee information management, compliance management, billing, payroll and more. If the solution features a self-service and mobile component to help manage distributed workforces, even better. Having one seamless solution provides big benefits to you. Here are three.


Reduced Overtime
When you use integrated scheduling software, you have a clear and immediate picture of how many hours each employee is working. With notifications, you will know right away if you put an employee into overtime status, so you can quickly fix any issues to prevent excess costs before you incur them. Read about seven simple rules for reducing overtime in our free quick guide.


Increased Efficiency
The right scheduling solution is a one-stop shop. Maximize your time by creating a master schedule and managing weekly schedule changes all in one place. It doesn’t stop there, though. An integrated solution closes the gap between scheduling, payroll and invoices. Having scheduling information that automatically updates into payroll and billing eliminates errors from manual or duplicative data entry and ensures accuracy. Plus, with mobile capabilities you can fill last-minute openings on the fly in as little time as it takes to send a text message.


Happy Customers
Providing great service and fulfilling contractual obligations starts with scheduling the right people in the right place at the right time. You can do that with a scheduling solution that does more than allow you to make sure all shifts are covered. If your scheduling solution includes an integrated compliance tracking component, you can guarantee that any employees you schedule are qualified, certified and meet all post requirements. That goes a long way in building trust with your customers and reducing your risk.


An effective scheduling solution goes beyond managing your workforce. It helps you tighten control over costs, build trust with your clients and keep your business running at high efficiency. Examine your own workforce management practices to see how you measure up.