Sharing New Ideas Has Never Been Easier

12/15/16 | 8:30AM | Posted by TEAM Software


TEAM’s Idea Portal allows clients to send feedback and ideas.


Share your ideas with TEAM.Picture this: You have a great idea for a feature that would help you do your job more efficiently, but it doesn’t exist in your current software system. What do you do? Well, if you’re a TEAM client, it’s now a simple process. Share it via TEAM’s new Idea Portal. We’re launching it as a way for TEAM clients to share ideas and interact with the other clients, but more importantly, with TEAM’s product management group themselves.


So, what is the Idea Portal? Simply that – an online message board that allows clients to easily submit ideas for features, upgrades and more. While we can develop and execute great ideas, our clients know firsthand what they need to do their jobs. The Idea Portal is a simple and quick way to share ideas with the right people. The portal also includes a voting mechanism to elevate the submitted ideas — the more votes equals greater importance to clients. This information is then used by TEAM to better understand what items our clients want and how to address them as part of our product roadmap.


The Idea Portal is a great step to accomplishing one of our initiatives this year — listening better to clients. Hearing directly from clients helps us understand how we can improve our solutions and services to provide more value. The product management team will review each idea submitted and then determine a course of action for each idea.


TEAM’s President and CEO John Leiferman recently said, “Our goal is to create compelling software for our future,” and the feedback from clients is invaluable to ensuring we’re doing just that.


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