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Timegate Finance


Simplify Billing and Payroll

Gain control and accuracy over critical pay and bill processes in your business with the Timegate Finance pack. The Finance pack integrates your pay rules with your workforce management data to eliminate errors and drive efficiency. You can also handle invoicing functions from the basic to the complex depending on your needs. By using the Finance pack to integrate Timegate with your third-party payroll, ERP and human resources software systems, you can simplify processes and achieve unparalleled financial control.

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Interface with Preferred Vendors

The Finance pack is built to connect Timegate with other software systems you may be using. The most common integrations are to payroll and invoicing systems; however, Timegate can integrate many software solutions to help you solve other business challenges. Doing so streamlines your operations and eliminates double handling of data that can lead to errors and inefficiencies.

Manage Planned and Unplanned Absences

Payroll is often the single largest overhead for a support services business with absence management a close second. Timegate’s Finance pack helps you effectively manage the various paid and unpaid absences whether they’re from statutory requirements, contractual obligations or discretionary policies. Your management teams can clearly view workforce attendance to see booked holidays, which workers are ill and which failed to show up for a shift. With deeper insight into absences, you’ll have more control over payroll and service delivery continuity. Plus, advanced reporting offers extra insight so you can easily identify trends and troubleshoot problem spots before they erode margin.


Transform Complex Billing

Don’t let complex billing requirements and invoicing cycles bury you in spreadsheets. Ensure seamless service delivery to invoice with Timegate’s Finance pack. Manage both your regular and ad hoc invoicing so you don’t miss a penny. Produce invoices and credit notes as needed, and use integration to post to your ledger in your third-party accounting software. Timegate Finance ensures you correctly bill your customers and collect all revenue, while reducing invoicing queries and labor-intensive processes for your finance team.


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Find out how Timegate Finance can help improve payroll and billing processes.


Integrate TemplaCMS for Accounting and Payroll

TemplaCMS, recently acquired by TEAM Software, is integrated accounting and payroll software purpose-built for contract cleaning and facilities management companies. Cleaning customers in the U.K., Ireland and Australia can integrate TemplaCMS with Timegate for a full-circle accounting and payroll solution.


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