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Timegate Service

Streamlining Service Delivery

Reduce costs and gain efficiencies within your distributed workforce and provide better overall results for your customers with Timegate’s Service pack. Timegate Service has core functionalities to turn incidents into action, capture meaningful data, monitor patrols, tours or routes and log daily occurrences. Through service delivery management software, you can equip your field-based workforce with the tools to keep your customers and contracts satisfied.


Digitizing Daily Tools, Delivering on Promises

Timegate Service digitizes your daily field-service with incident tracking, activities, routes, patrols and site occurrences so you gain a better understanding of how you’re delivering on your contracts.

Incidents into Action

By effectively capturing, recording and managing information from across your business, you can identify potential risks and work to avoid them across your entire operation. Timegate Service sends alerts to key decision makers according to your specifications to help you manage incidents, fulfill action plans and communicate. Include photos and notes, update plans, mark a specific location on a site plan or review all progress through to resolution. Timegate Service is configurable to your business, so you decide what needs to be known, who needs to know it and when.


Patrolling, Tours or Beats

A connected workforce is a more productive workforce. Using Timegate Service’s tour functionality and its mobile app, you can track service delivery using a variety of technology. Flexible, easy-to-use and built for a business like yours, it helps you build a better experience for employees, customers and your back-office teams. Compatible with classic beats or patrols as well as tag-less tracking models so your employees can focus on the job, not the tags. Regardless of how you want to track the service you deliver, you’ll always have visibility on incidents and issues as your teams encounter them on site.

Transform Your Business

Let’s be honest. The cleaning, security and facilities management industries typically are filled with antiquated systems, manual processes, paper-heavy records and a multitude of spreadsheets. Just because manual record-keeping has been a standard for years, doesn’t mean it is the best way to grow your business. Timegate Service changes the way you capture, record and measure your data. With our digitized tools, like a daily occurrence book, your workforce can note activities and incidents throughout their shifts, which instantly transfers their efforts to Timegate.


See It for Yourself.

Don’t take our word for it. See how Timegate Service improves your daily field service tools and productivity, leading to better incident tracking, activities, routes, patrols and site occurrences.


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