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Create an efficient hiring machine.

Hire smarter with an applicant tracking system.

High employee turnover industries need more than just recruiting software. With Kwantek, you get tools to generate more applicants, screen them for fit and manage compliant onboarding. Hire reliable cleaners and guards for the long term with the Kwantek applicant tracking system and onboarding software made for the janitorial and security industries.

Get Noticed

Get your job postings noticed with access to North America’s largest job boards.

Hire Smart

Match candidates with the right job so they stick around for the long term.

Onboard Fast

Complete prehire paperwork in advance so new cleaners and guards can get to work fast.

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See it for yourself.

Tailor-Made for You

The Kwantek prehire solution is made specifically for high-turnover businesses like janitorial and security contractors. With decades of experience and data from millions of applications, we can provide relevant, up-to-date advice on hiring in today’s market so your jobs stand out from the competition.

Up Your Hiring Game

Your applicant tracking system and onboarding software should eliminate extra work and manual processes, not make things more complicated. With Kwantek, you can tailor workflows and processes to fit your hiring practices. We can also help you develop best practices to improve your processes.

Find the Right Hire

The key to retention is to find and hire cleaners and guards in roles where they thrive. Kwantek offers a one-of-a-kind work-style assessment so you hire workers into jobs that suit their working style. And you can create job-specific questions to evaluate all applicants based on the same information.

Onboard New Hires Fast

Keep the momentum of fast hiring going by integrating onboarding into the process. Complete required prehire documentation and distribute important job documents before the first day via text messages and digital workflows. Add on automatic E-Verify integration to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations.

“We onboarded 130 new employees in less than one week. I call that a complete success and a big cost reduction in paper, employee file folders and labor.”

Sherri Darden, Human Resources Director of GMI Building Services
Building Service Contractor

Don’t stop at workforce recruiting and onboarding.
Integrate your prehire solution with back-office business management software.

Connect Kwantek to WinTeam, our holistic platform for work and people scheduling, billing, payroll, accounting and more, for a better way to manage your janitorial or security business from start to finish.