Basic and Strategic Integrations

We’ve created standard data exchanges and partnered with best-of-breed software providers to help you maximize your TEAM solutions. These basic and strategic integrations help drive efficiency across your organization. Our preferred partners feature companies with expertise in tax processing, digital content management, applicant management and online learning. We also offer basic customer, job and employee integrations to connect with systems of your choice, including customer relationship management, guard touring, event management and employee location tracking.

Basic Integrations

As the provider of an industry-specific enterprise software system, we understand the value of the financial, operations and workforce management data you have in our solutions. We also know that you often must work with other best-of-breed software providers to simplify and automate other parts of your business, like customer relationship management, employee location tracking and guard touring, to name a few. So, in the spirit of delivering efficiency-enhancing technology, we’ve expanded our ability to integrate with third-party systems. Through select customer, job and employee imports and exports, you can connect your other business solutions to WinTeam to achieve a more seamless experience that eliminates redundant data entry, increases data integrity and makes the most of your resources.

  • Customer, employee and job data exports to guard touring, event management and employee tracking systems.
  • Time and attendance data imports from timekeeping, guard touring and employee location tracking systems.
  • Customer, job and contact imports from customer relationship management systems like SalesForce.


Strategic Integrations

Payroll Tax Filing Services

You can handle all aspects of payroll through WinTeam, including reporting your own payroll taxes. But if you’d rather outsource that task and maximize your resources, you can use our payroll tax filing service offered through our partnership with ADP®. That way, you can enjoy the convenience of outsourced payroll tax reporting while maintaining payroll and workforce data and processing paychecks in WinTeam. TEAM clients of all sizes use this service because it’s a value-add solution no matter how large or small your business is.



Avalara: Sales Tax Management

Sales tax compliance is a beast – a challenging, often manual undertaking that’s nearly impossible to keep up with and execute accurately. Our integration with Avalara, a company developing best-in-class sales tax compliance software, makes dealing with sales tax much less arduous. With thousands of tax jurisdictions and tens of thousands of tax rules that are always changing, Avalara’s AvaTax software delivers instant sales tax decisions based on precise geo-locations and continuously updated tax data.

As an Avalara certified partner, TEAM can offer clients a robust, end-to-end sales tax management solution. Once a client has set up an account with Avalara and has worked with Avalara to set up all relevant tax codes, configuration in WinTeam is simple and the integration is seamless. Sales tax is automatically calculated in WinTeam with the click of a button, and in a few easy steps, clients can process invoices, post invoices to the General Ledger and send the sales tax data to Avalara for further processing.


  • Validate address information in WinTeam’s Job Master File.
  • Calculate the precise sales tax rate in WinTeam’s Accounts Receivable module.
  • Process invoices in WinTeam as you normally would, and then post them to the General Ledger.
  • Transmit invoice information to Avalara in one click.
  • Have Avalara remit and file your sales taxes for you automatically.


FileBound: Doclink Document Management and Workflow Tools

Doclink is the interface between WinTeam and a secure online document management system provided by FileBound. You can use Doclink to process, store and retrieve activity reports, applications, contracts, correspondence, incident reports, performance reviews and more. Doclink virtually eliminates lost or misfiled paperwork, automates business processes and accelerates critical decision-making.


  • Scan and save documents, and access them through WinTeam.
  • Link documents to any file in WinTeam, including Employee, Job, Customer and Vendor Master Files.
  • Leverage WinTeam’s security methodology to protect sensitive documents.
  • Create advanced workflows to accelerate decision-making and automate business processes.
  • Develop electronic forms and route to decision-makers automatically.


Intellum: Learning Management System

We have partnered with Intellum, a world-class leader in cloud-based learning solutions, to give you access to an integrated Learning Management System. Implementing an LMS can help meet the ongoing challenges of providing valuable educational materials, training employees and tracking compliance and certifications. We should know. We use Intellum to operate our own LMS called TEAM University. You have access to our free training content, including new features and release overviews, on TEAM University automatically. You can also purchase course packages to train your employees on how to use our software.

If you take it a step further and implement your own LMS through Intellum, you can assign each of your employees a unique login to track course completion information. When you integrate your own LMS with WinTeam, you can take advantage of end-to-end employee compliance management. Employee information from WinTeam is distributed to the LMS. Employees take designated courses, and completed course data is uploaded to WinTeam’s Compliance Tracker daily. The system determines who is eligible for shifts or posts based on course completion data from the LMS.


  • Leverage tracking and notification capabilities for employee skills, qualifications, training courses and certifications.
  • Manage local, state and federal training mandates.
  • Access, manage and monitor all TEAM University courses.
  • Upload your own internal content or purchase courses from Intellum’s network of providers.


Kwantek: Applicant Management

Our integration with Kwantek’s Applicant Tracking System gives you an end-to-end application management solution that will streamline and simplify your on-boarding process. You can create Employee Master Files in WinTeam from data contained in Kwantek’s application software to eliminate redundant data entry and paperwork with a secure and accurate new hire process. This one-of-a-kind solution is quick to set up and easy to use.


  • Set the applicant status flag as “hired” in Kwantek’s Applicant Tracking System.
  • Kwantek’s software pushes applicant records to a table in WinTeam.
  • Select individual applicant records to upload into the Employee Master File in WinTeam.
  • Applicant information is populated into selected Employee Master File fields.
  • Complete other required information in the Employee Master File and save the record.