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Q by Team Software

Workforce management for
small service contractors.

Q by Team Software

Gain worksite visibility.

Direct, set and track the operations of your distributed workforce. Q provides small janitorial and security contractors with an always-on workforce management solution. A virtual, real-time view of the field helps you manage your sites, work and people.

Time-saving features help you get stuff done.

Q by Team Software

Smart-Fit Scheduler

  • Create recurring shifts and connect them to sites and people.
  • Quickly match shifts to the right people with intelligent scheduling recommendations.
  • Deliver schedules and site instructions to your workforce.
  • Use flex-time shifts to get work done over a flexible period of time.
Q by Team Software

Better Work Management

  • Manage contract work with ease.
  • Capture special and one-time projects, so you don’t miss a thing.
Q by Team Software

Simple Time and Attendance

  • Clock in and out onsite with the Q mobile app and verify location with GPS.
  • Know who’s on site—and when—with the live calendar.
  • Tackle daily timekeeping issues, as they happen, for easy payroll prep.
  • Export error-free timekeeping data to the payroll solution of your choice.
Q by Team Software

Quick-Start Tools

  • Set up people, work and sites in just minutes.
  • See quick results from an intuitive workforce management solution.
Q by Team Software

See it for yourself.

Ready to transform your field workforce management? Schedule a free demo with us to get started.

Need an enterprise-level solution?

If you need more than field workforce management, look no further. Built for midsize to large enterprises, WinTeam is a holistic financial, operations and workforce management solution. It’s the industry-specific ERP designed specifically for janitorial and security contractors.

Q by Team Software