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11/07/17 | 9:00AM | Posted by TEAM Software

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TEAM Software documents “the TEAM difference” in its new TEAM Code.


A common phrase you’ll hear when talking to TEAM Software’s employee owners (and even our clients) is that they love our company culture and what our brand stands for. From the people and perks, to the customer experience and innovative mindset, it’s no wonder employee owners and clients alike value their relationship with a company as unique as TEAM. As such, we felt it was important to develop a brand identity statement that better defines who we are, what we do and who we aspire to be. The idea to formally document our identity came from HubSpot, who in 2013 created and shared its Culture Code. Since its initial release, HubSpot has revised its code 16 times and it’s been shared more than 1.3 million times. Clearly, this is a topic many connect with.


Over the past year, TEAM conducted external research on how other companies define themselves, what makes them innovative and fulfilling places to work and what brings value to the customers doing business with them. We also analyzed internal research; our current mission, vision and values; and our collective Gallup Strengths. From there, we created a dynamic statement that resonates, is memorable, and truly reflects TEAM’s identity.


Here’s the final result: The TEAM Code.


As you peruse the TEAM Code, you’ll begin to understand how and why TEAM is different than other employers and other software companies. You’ll read our updated mission, vision and professional principles. And, most importantly, you’ll see how TEAM puts those principles in action every day throughout every experience. It defines TEAM’s identity in a way that everyone who interacts with TEAM can relate to. Why is this important? Well, according to customer service expert Shep Hyken, “To be the best place to buy, you must be the best place to work.”


“The TEAM Code will help us remain true to ourselves as a company — to help us understand where we came from and to help guide us to where we want to go,” said John Leiferman, TEAM’s President and CEO.


So, whether you’re a current employee owner (or want to be), or you’re a current customer (or want to be), the TEAM Code provides something concrete to connect with and rally around. TEAM’s been a leading software provider for nearly 30 years, and we can’t wait to see what the future brings. See you there.



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