Tout TEAM to Win New Business

08/08/17 | 9:00AM | Posted by TEAM Software

CATEGORIES: Best Practices

Winning.Partner with TEAM Software to help your business win (and keep) customers.

TEAM Software’s integrated solutions connect your business’s financial, operations and workforce management components so you’re able to do better work, faster. And by automating your operations and leveraging information from across your organization, your staff can do more of what’s important — providing your customers with the best possible service. That’s how TEAM can help you win new business. When you tout the benefits you receive from using TEAM solutions you set yourself apart from the competition. Here are three ways TEAM’s software can give you the upper hand.


eHub Customer Self Service
A self-service solution, like TEAM’s eHub solution, is a great way to stay connected with your customers. Increase transparency, reduce response time and show accountability, all by just giving them access to the information they want to see like reports, statuses, invoices and more. Some of the things customers can do with eHub include:

  • View electronic invoices, job information, time and attendance information, schedules
  • Request additional work or coverage and see up-to-date request statuses
  • Review reports with turnover, roster and compliance information
  • Perform inspections or complete surveys and see results and deficiency statuses
  • Sign off on inspections and work tickets


So, with eHub, you put information your customers need at their fingertips whenever they want. Call attention to the self-service feature and all it has to offer when you’re approaching a potential customer. You’ll prove your transparency and accountability up front.


Quality Assurance
Solidify your first-class service by sharing evaluations of your services with your customers before they ask for it. Checkpoints, simple question-and-answer lists, are the heart of TEAM’s Quality Assurance feature. You create the list content and the quality standards associated with each item. Checkpoints can be used to inspect buildings and job sites, evaluate employees or even complete quick checklists for training. The results are accessible in the eHub mobile app so you can instantly see the areas where you’re doing well and areas where you might need some work. Plus, Checkpoints are a great way to ensure your employees are doing their best work.


In your sales pitch, use the data and reports from your Checkpoints show your good work, as well as how you keep your employees accountable. Want some proof of how it can work? One of our clients increased one segment of their business by 25 percent by using TEAM’s Quality Assurance tools.


Compliance Management
You know qualified employees can make or break a service business. Being able to confidently say that all your employees are trained and certified, with data and reports to back up those statements, could be what tips the scale in your favor over the competition when you’re going after new business or looking to retain your current customer base. And, with Compliance Tracker in WinTeam — our core financial, operations and workforce management solution — tracking and updating that information is seamless. From the automatic alerts to keep certifications current to alerts when employees don’t meet the job requirements, you’re always up-to-date and in-the-know when it comes to compliance. Plus, your customers can access those compliance reports on eHub so they have the proof in front of them.


Because TEAM’s software solutions help your company operate more efficiently, you’re able to pass along those benefits to your customers, earning a win-win for everyone. So, take a minute and examine your sales pitch. Are there places you can “beef up” what you do better than the rest because you’ve chosen to partner with TEAM? We’d take the bet that there are a few.