[webinar recap] An ERP for Security Contractors

06/21/16 | 8:00AM | Posted by TEAM Software

integrated gearsA total of 22% of security contractor attendees at a recent TEAM Software webinar indicated they still use paper or Excel spreadsheets to manage their scheduling operations. In addition, 54% of attendees said they either did not have job costing measures in place at their organization or they weren’t sure if they did.

For security contractors who rely on close financial control and timely cost information, having technology in place that can both simplify scheduling a distributed workforce and track expenses down to the job site is imperative. That’s why TEAM hosted this webinar specifically for guarding firms to demonstrate how industry-specific technology solutions maximize efficiency, automate operations and drive profitability. During the webinar attendees saw how fully integrated web- and mobile-enabled solutions provide a complete picture of profitability and position businesses for growth despite shrinking margins and increasing competition.

See for yourself. View the webinar slide deck below or listen to the webinar on-demand now.

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