Three Benefits of Employee Scheduling Software

Effective scheduling is an essential part of the successful execution of contracts. Still, many companies rely on outdated pencil and paper methods for their scheduling needs.

This antiquated approach can result in costly mistakes, elevated non-billable overtime, and ultimately, dissatisfied customers.

Learn how to improve employee scheduling to reduce overtime, increase efficiencies and boost customer retention. 

What is employee scheduling software? 

Employee scheduling software is a workforce management tool businesses use to ensure coverage based on the needs of a project or contract. 

What is the difference between work scheduling and personnel scheduling? 

In service industries, employee scheduling typically means two different things: work scheduling or personnel scheduling. When looking for an employee scheduling solution, it’s important to know which of these areas the tool can provide based on your specific needs. 

1. Work scheduling

Work scheduling refers to the process of planning and assigning specific tasks or duties to employees at specific times to ensure required work is completed effectively and efficiently. 

Work scheduling typically involves determining the: 

  • Amount of work to be done
  • Resources required to complete the work
  • Time needed to complete each task

Work scheduling is focused on managing workloads, optimising productivity and ensuring customer needs are met. 

2. Personnel scheduling

Personnel scheduling involves the process of managing employees’ schedules, including their work hours, days off, vacations and other work-related activities. 

Personnel scheduling considers factors such as: 

  • Employee availability
  • Skills
  • Preferences
  • Compliance with labour laws and regulations

Personnel scheduling is aimed at managing the workforce, ensuring employees are adequately utilised, and maximising employee satisfaction and retention.

What are the benefits of using scheduling software? 

The right scheduling solution can help you reduce overtime, increase efficiency and improve customer relationships.

Effective workforce management is critical for commercial cleaning and security industries, where managing thin margins and distributed workforces are a constant challenge. 

A comprehensive scheduling solution which connects with other business critical functions (i.e. – time and attendance modules) can make employee management much easier. 

Increased visibility and reduced costs

Integrated scheduling software provides an immediate, clear picture of how many hours each employee is working, which can help prevent excess costs from overtime. You can also create a master schedule and manage weekly schedule changes in one place, saving you time and increasing efficiency. 

Increased efficiency and reduced errors

An integrated solution that automatically updates scheduling into payroll and billing eliminates errors from manual or redundant data entry, ensuring accuracy. Additionally, mobile capabilities enable you to fill last minute openings quickly and easily. The right scheduling solution is a one-stop shop. Maximize your time by creating a master schedule and managing weekly schedule changes all in one place.

Increased employee and customer satisfaction

Increase employee satisfaction by allowing employees to select shifts which align with their preferences and availability. This can lead to increased job satisfaction and reduced turnover rates. Mobile applications that allow for messaging and notifications help keep everyone in the loop, improving communication between supervisors, employees and back-office staff. 

Scheduling the right people in the right place at the right time is crucial for providing great service and fulfilling contractual obligations. An integrated compliance tracking component can ensure any employees you schedule are qualified, certified and meet all post requirements, building trust with your customer and improving customer satisfaction. 

How does scheduling software work? 

Scheduling software operates by automating labourious scheduling tasks. It assists in identifying the staffing requirements of your team and empowers you to respond promptly by ensuring schedules are filled and contractual agreements are met.

Learn more about TEAM Software by WorkWave scheduling solutions here.

How does an employee scheduling app work? 

An employee scheduling app works alongside your desktop applications to provide scheduling access to supervisors and managers in the field. 

It’s rare that scheduling can be done 100% from the back office. By using a mobile app, supervisors can approve shift changes, request employees to fill in if needed, approve time and attendance punches and proactively adjust schedules if they notice an exception to the contract – without having to travel back to the main office to do it. 

What makes TEAM Software by WorkWave’s scheduling solutions stand out?

Scheduling keeps your operations running at maximum efficiency. 

The scheduling modules in TEAM Software by WorkWave solutions do the heavy lifting involved in the operations management of service contracting companies. 

  • Work and personnel scheduling includes flexible tools and real-time information to manage your distributed workforce and contractual obligations proactively
  • We offer flexible self-scheduling features, so your field-based workers can pick up work opportunities without bogging down your supervisors with additional scheduling tasks
  • Scheduling tools are accessible from the field or back-office
  • We integrate our scheduling functions with other business-critical areas, like time and attendance, accounting and payroll
  • Depending on your TEAM solution of choice, schedules can also be built directly from time and attendance tools, based on check in/check out information
  • We make it easier for you to spot exceptions and fill gaps based on eligible employees who are the best fit for the opening
  • Reporting and analytics ensure alignment with your budgeted requirements and keep you on track to achieve a positive ROI
  • We offer flexible work ticketing to ensure periodic, one-off and contractual projects are performed in a timely and satisfactory manner
  • We offer paperless solutions to help meet green initiatives and streamline workflow

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Employee Scheduling FAQs

What is the purpose of scheduling software? 

Scheduling software is meant to reduce manual and time consuming work expected of your schedulers, supervisors and back-office staff. That way, contracts remain filled, but your staff are able to redirect resources to other high-priority needs. 

How does scheduling software work? 

Scheduling software works to automate manual scheduling tasks. It helps you understand what’s needed from your team. Then, it helps you act on those needs to fill schedules and keep contracts staffed. 

What features to look for in scheduling software

  • Work scheduling, with features including calendars, custom settings, schedules, recurring work, assigning positions to tasks and crew details, and more
  • Personnel scheduling, with features to create weekly work, offer open shifts, confirm schedules, dispatch notes, schedule hours by employee or job, search for eligible employees, split shifts and more

This article was originally published on November 13, 2018.