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World-Class Software for Service Contractors

TEAM provides market-leading enterprise software for security, cleaning and facilities management organisations.



Timegate is global workforce management software for cleaning, security and facilities management organizations that provides business-critical information to increase operational efficiency, reduce risk, decrease costs and improve productivity. Timegate is offered as an essentials package for schedules, employee rosters, time and attendance, and reporting along with add-on packs for employee engagement, employee recruitment, finance management, insights and reporting, and service delivery



Lighthouse provides cleaning, security and facilities management organisations with mobile workforce management that enables complete visibility of field-based teams along with mobile forms, workflows and powerful reports to improve service delivery and reduce costs across your sites. Lighthouse works with a variety of location tracking technologies for guard touring and cleaning rotations, so you can provide proof of service, including frequency.


TEAM by WorkWave

TEAM by WorkWave is the premier all-in-one workforce management solution for companies with over 100 employees looking to optimize and streamline the core functions of your business. TEAM by WorkWave integrates time and attendance, operations, scheduling, employee and customer self-service, and reporting and analytics features to connect back office functions, field-based operations and executive-level decision making. With intuitive design and a single app in the field, TEAM by WorkWave creates efficiencies, automates operations and provides a central data hub for your company to improve performance while minimizing cost and risk.



Servicetrac gives facilities management service providers an ideal solution to monitor, measure and manage the services provided. Servicetrac is offered as an Essentials package with cleaning audit, security inspections and other form capabilities. Additional add-on packs for data warehousing and contract management are available to create custom reports and manage SLAs. 



Portertrac is a point solution for task management in healthcare environments and is used to manage the delivery of a porter service. Portertrac can help improve response time, communication, task allocation and overall performance. 



TemplaCMS is contract management software with integrated accounts and payroll, designed specifically for security, cleaning and facilities management companies. It meets the unique challenges of running a labour-intensive, site-based, multi-contract service business by streamlining back-office processes. From reducing time and costs related to contract management and automating manual processes for consistent, reliable business data, TemplaCMS supplements a workforce management solution to give you a complete picture of your business.

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