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HR and Payroll Software

Human Resources and Payroll

Taking care of your greatest asset—your employees—doesn’t have to be hard. WinTeam’s HR and payroll software can help. Administering benefits and paying your employees with HR and payroll software streamlines the process. Our industry-leading Insurance Benefits management solution was developed to simplify benefits management and help employers meet Affordable Care Act health insurance requirements. Cut your payroll processing time significantly with one system for employee, benefit, payroll and other operations data.

One system, plenty of benefits.

Human Resources and Payroll

Employee Info Hub

All employee information, like pay rates, status and timekeeping, is in one holistic system. That eliminates errors, redundant data entry and manual processes.

Human Resources and Payroll

Manage Benefits

Simplify benefits management and comply with the Affordable Care Act. Get an audit trail for compliance and reporting. Plus, handle hourly accrued benefits.

Human Resources and Payroll

Streamline Payroll

Cut processing time with payroll-ready timekeeping and benefits information in one ERP system. Use direct deposit and online pay stubs for more savings.

Human Resources and Payroll

Reduce Risk

Track employee training, certifications and licenses to mitigate labor compliance risk. Use shared compliance data to schedule employees effectively.

Human Resources and Payroll

See it for yourself.

Human Resources and Payroll

Manage Employee Information Effectively

Maintain all contact information, pay rate history, status history, tax information and more in a comprehensive master file for each employee.

  • Track absences and time off.
  • Manage employee pay rates.
  • Manage hourly benefits like PTO, vacation and sick time.
  • Monitor training requirements.
Human Resources and Payroll

Industry-Leading ACA Tools

With this end-to-end ACA solution, you can carry out every step in the process from determining eligibility to payroll deductions.

  • Determine the full-time/part-time workforce composition.
  • Configure various benefit capabilities.
  • Manage multiple benefit plans and packages.
  • Determine pricing based on safe harbors.
  • Track and test eligibility.
  • Offer packages by employee, groups or job.
  • Use online enrollment with estimated costs for elections.
  • Keep audit trails and reports, including 1095-C/1094-C.
Human Resources and Payroll
Human Resources and Payroll

Simplify Payroll to Save Time and Money

Use one holistic system for employee, timekeeping and payroll data to cut processing time significantly. And get continuously updated tax information to comply with state and federal tax requirements.

  • Create and track other compensations and deductions.
  • Handle garnishments and process agency payments with AP integration.
  • Create W-2s and distribute them on the employee self-service portal.
  • Reduce payroll tax reporting burden with Payroll Tax Reporting Service.
Human Resources and Payroll


One system of record for all employee information. End-to-end insurance benefits management and enrollment capabilities. Industry-leading Affordable Care Act compliance tools. WinTeam’s Human Resources and Payroll solutions can take the headache out of tracking employee information, administering benefits and paying your employees right the first time.

Human Resources and Payroll
“Before, our software did 10 percent of the work, and we put in 90 percent of the effort. Now, as long as we have it set up correctly, WinTeam will do 90 percent of the work. I don’t have to deal with cross-integration between systems anymore.”

Andy Phelps, Business Manager
Phelps Security

Case Study:

TEAM Solutions Really Pay Off for Phelps Security