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Time and Attendance Software

Time and Attendance

Our automated time and attendance software simplifies timekeeping for janitorial and security contractors. From Q by TEAM Software’s features for small businesses to WinTeam’s more robust functionality, we have the software solutions to help you dramatically reduce data entry time and errors. Our time and attendance software works for any size business to control labor costs and manage compliance.

Timekeeping your way.

Time and Attendance

Streamline Operations

Ditch the spreadsheets and time cards. Use a simple timekeeping tool or gain more efficiency with full time and attendance software integrated with payroll and billing. Either way, you’ll reduce errors and manual processes.

Time and Attendance

Manage Your People

Service contractors of all sizes can confirm that employees are on site and on time. Boost engagement, productivity and accountability. Address attendance issues immediately to keep shifts filled and work done.

Time and Attendance

Support Site and Customer Needs

No matter the site or customer, you have options. Choose telephone IVR, time clock software or the mobile app to collect time easily and track attendance at every site.

Time and Attendance

Back Office to
the Field

Track attendance from anywhere. Use alerts and notifications to gain visibility and ensure coverage. Edit and approve timekeeping records for payroll, and view reporting on call stats, errors and exceptions.

Time and Attendance

See it for yourself.

Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance Management in Real-Time

TeamTime, our integrated time and attendance solution, has management tools that help you confirm your employees are on site and on time. Address attendance issues immediately to ensure you cover all shifts and job sites. Manage attendance, set travel-time parameters and clock in/out tolerances to keep labor costs in check. Set up alerts via email, voicemail or text to notify you of issues like tardiness or absenteeism.

Secure time collection methods.

Time and Attendance

Telephone Timekeeping

Telephone timekeeping, our most popular method, is a trusted interactive voice response (IVR) solution that requires a telephone, designated phone number and employee ID. With TeleTeam, employees can clock in and out in a matter of seconds, and their location is verified with Caller ID. It also features voice verification and a Spanish language option.

Time and Attendance

Time Clock Software

TeamTime Portal is time clock software with biometric authentication capabilities. Employees can clock in and out using fingerprint or face image identity verification. This is especially valuable for high-security areas or events. Create a schedule for payroll based on the employees who show up and clock in to work. As a virtual time clock, it’s touchscreen compatible and runs on any tablet, laptop or device with a Windows OS and a continuous internet connection. TeamTime Portal also features multiple language capabilities, kiosk mode and access to our self-service portal.

Time and Attendance

Mobile App

Q by TEAM Software for small janitorial and security contractors offers simple clock-in capabilities and GPS verification to collect timekeeping and export to a third-party payroll solution. For midsize to large contractors, TeamTime for Mobile enables full onsite time and attendance management along with clock-in capabilities and GPS verification. Timekeeping records are automatically uploaded to our WinTeam ERP for billing and payroll processing.

Time and Attendance


Automate timekeeping processes, control labor costs and manage your distributed workforce. Midsize to large security and building service contractors can simplify time and attendance by adding TeamTime to our industry-specific ERP, which includes financial, operations and workforce management components. Connect your employees in the field with your back office through a holistic software solution.

Time and Attendance

Q by TEAM Software

Small janitorial and security contractors can get a virtual, real-time view of the field with Q’s live calendar. Know who has clocked in on the app—and who hasn’t—with an anytime, anywhere connection between you and your distributed workforce.

Time and Attendance
“Ghost employees cost my company about $1 million over 10 years. This all could have been prevented by using TeamTime.”

Tom Wilkinson, President
Advantage Maintenance

Case Study:

Advantage Maintenance: Preventing Fraud with Time and Attendance Technology