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Work and Employee
Scheduling Software

Work and Employee Scheduling

Our flexible work and employee scheduling software makes managing tasks and people easy and efficient. TEAM’s solutions simplify your process, so you can execute the work on time and on budget.

Janitorial companies can better track project-based, one-time and recurring work. And security contractors have effective overtime prevention and gain real-time visibility into the field. With WinTeam, these work and employee scheduling features are integrated with powerful accounts receivable and payroll functions, so you can bill your customers and pay your employees based on accurate schedule information.

Manage your work and workforce with one tool.

Work and Employee Scheduling

Cut Overtime

In WinTeam, use a master schedule to look at the week ahead and spot overtime scenarios in advance. Plus, alerts and filters will help you schedule the right person fast.

Work and Employee Scheduling

Increase Efficiency

With scheduling information integrated with AR and payroll in WinTeam, you get simple workflows and error-free billing and paychecks.

Work and Employee Scheduling

Meet Expectations

Ensure your contract obligations and SLAs are met. Use shift offers, live calendars and other tools to keep shifts covered, work moving along and customers happy.

Work and Employee Scheduling

Boost Revenue

Capture and complete billable work on the mobile app. Invoicing integration means you don’t miss any revenue opportunities.

Work and Employee Scheduling

See it for yourself.

Work and Employee Scheduling

Work Scheduling: Manage Work, Maximize Profits

Janitorial contractors need to track project-based, one-time and recurring work. Our Work Scheduling solution with web and mobile features makes it easy.

  • Manage work tickets through desktop, web or mobile apps.
  • Use mobile work ticket and signature capabilities.
  • Integrate work scheduling with billing.
  • Analyze project profitability.
Work and Employee Scheduling

Personnel Scheduling: Fill Every Shift with the Right Person—Fast

Security contractors must ensure appropriate coverage with qualified officers. To do this, you need flexible tools and real-time information. Our scheduling solution includes web and mobile features for field-based employees.

  • Simplify scheduling and reduce redundancy with master templates.
  • Get alerts when overtime and scheduling conflicts happen.
  • Gain efficiency with AR, payroll, and time and attendance integrations.
  • Manage compliance for job requirements.
  • Fill last-minute openings easily with the virtual dispatch feature.
Work and Employee Scheduling
Work and Employee Scheduling


Leverage WinTeam’s integrated work and employee scheduling software to simplify your operations. Connect back-office functions, field-based operations and executive-level decision-making. Use powerful web and mobile scheduling solutions—one part of a holistic ERP—to maximize efficiency and streamline processes.

Work and Employee Scheduling


Lighthouse provides cleaning and security contractors with mobile workforce management to improve service delivery and reduce costs across your sites. View, manage and simplify your workforce operations with touring and tracking.

Work and Employee Scheduling
“Some 85 percent of our employees clock in and clock out, so we’re only managing 15 percent of changes at the end of the day, which is pretty good when you have 5,000 employees.”

Joe Smith, Vice President of Security Technology
Walden Security

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