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The command center for your cleaning workforce.

Review tasks from anywhere.

Use the mobile app and forms to record tasks and cleaning activity at every site, and submit data to populate reports in real time. All forms are simple to use and based on your needs.

See “who and where” in real time.

With ongoing location tracking, using our cleaning business work order software, you’ll know all cleaners’ locations at all times during all shifts. Flexible technology options include GPS, geo-fences, beacons, QR codes and near-field communication (NFC).

Accountability made easy.

When cleaners use the mobile app’s time-and-attendance features to start and end shifts, you’ll know everyone is on-site and on-time. Seamlessly integrate timekeeping events, including meal breaks, between Lighthouse and WinTeam with ready-made payroll information.

Cleaning Workforce Management Software
“Lighthouse has provided our team with the tools they need to effectively manage a large workforce and has given our clients peace of mind that cleaning standards are at the level they need to support exceptional patient care and provide a safe and pleasant environment for patients, staff and visitors.”


Ian Martin, Operations Manager
Holy Cross Cleaning | Australia

More control over every shift.

The Command Center of our cleaning business work order software gives you a new way to improve management of your teams. Throughout each shift, you’ll have a full view of cleaning workforce operations and see all updates as they happen—missed rotations or loops, completed tasks, incidents and more.

Cleaning Workforce Management Software

Daily assignments, updates and verification.

Cleaners can update and submit daily tasks or report spills or other issues within the mobile app. In the command center, you can also create, assign and update tasks and issues to ensure nothing is missed. Upload photos and notes to improve quality and communication. Then, generate on-demand, client-friendly reports.

Set and meet high standards.

With mobile audit and inspection forms, you can ensure quality, attach photos and notes, and then confirm information with a digital signature capture.

Cleaning Workforce Management Software
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Case Study

Holy Cross Cleaning: Transforming How Cleaning Services are Delivered with Lighthouse

Observe everything — the way you want it.

Submitted audits, new incidents, overdue activities, submitted task lists, triggered duress — you’re always in-the-know with alerts and a real-time activity feed. View everything through the app or Command Center, and set up mobile or email alerts to save time and see the activities that are most important to you.

Gain efficiencies through data.

Continuously improve your cleaning operations with dashboards and reports that show what’s going well and what issues need to be fixed. Then adjust, view results and repeat through the cleaning business work order software.

Respond faster to emergencies.

If an emergency happens, your cleaners can simply hit a duress button within the app. Designated responders are then alerted immediately via email or push notifications. Live maps tell you exactly where to go.

See It in Action

Schedule a demo and see how Lighthouse can improve the quality of your services.

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Cleaning Workforce Management Software

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