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Timegate E-Engagement


Engaged Employees Are Your Secret Weapon

It’s no secret that in today’s ultra-competitive environment, you must optimize not only your processes but also your employee experience. Timegate’s E-Engagement pack helps you do both. Automation and self-service options increase employee productivity, collaboration and, ultimately, satisfaction. That helps you reduce costs related to errors, wasted time and employee turnover.

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Access, Automate and Improve

Field-based workers can complete requests, review pay slips and check diaries through a self-service portal, rather than back-office channels. Your back-office teams can approve requests or respond to inquiries directly from Timegate’s automated to-do list. Your teams gain back valuable time they can focus back on the business and your customers


See It for yourself.

Don’t take our word for it. See how Timegate E-Engagement keeps your workforce empowered, productive and satisfied, increasing retention of your most valuable assets.

Reduce Time Spent on HR Tasks

There are two aspects to employee time off requests: the time spent handling the request and how long the process takes. Both will cost you, either in overhead or employee satisfaction. E-engagement tools simplify the process through automation. You no longer have to manage approvals and provisos manually or log requests on various systems and double-check against balances maintained on spreadsheets. With Timegate E-Engagement, requests are entered, processed and approved with a few easy clicks in one system, cutting the time your employees wait for vacation request approvals by up to 90 percent.


Empower Your Teams with Employee Self-Service Tools

Workers in service industries like cleaning, security and facilities management often have three main concerns:  correct pay, finding overtime or additional work, and verifying and requesting leave. Employee engagement software has self-service tools that minimize the amount of time and energy your front-line workers spend communicating back and forth with the back office to get information. Through the Timegate E-Engagement portal, employees can run reports, see pay slips, query pay and rates, view diaries and engage in wider business functions easily and conveniently. In turn, this reduces work for your back-office teams, trimming time spent on handling payroll and other queries by 75 percent or more.

Manage Complex Events with Event Management Tools

Managing complex events requires technology that can help you communicate effectively, react quickly and execute on time and on budget. Timegate’s E-engagement pack leverages two-way messaging for event management. Your team can define event profiles and roles and communicate available opportunities to pre-registered potential workers via text, email or the self-service portal. Workers can indicate interest via text, email or self-service portal as well. You can drastically reduce your production and fulfillment time in this highly efficient, cost-effective process.


Job Market: Match Demands with Resources

As the central tool for managing your workforce, Timegate contains details of hours contracted to your clients, pay and billing rates, required skills, and locations along with your employees’ capabilities, availability and work restrictions. With this mix of information, Timegate E-Engagement matches your contracted demands with the most qualified employees, facilitating better service delivery and reducing the need for sub-contractors or overtime.

Share Resources to Engage

Providing the right information and documentation to the right people is key to an engaged, productive workforce. E-engagement enables you to share corporate and job-related resources from the strategic, like your company mission and values, to the informational, like corporate news and or safety procedures.By empowering your workforce with access to helpful, relevant resources, your employees are better aligned with your company’s strategic goals and can better represent the business and contribute to its success.


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