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A new vantage point for security and
cleaning contractors.

Mobile workforce management for cleaning and security.

Lighthouse for the cleaning industry
Lighthouse for the security industry

Have confidence your team
can deliver every time.

Every shift is another test for consistent, superior service that doesn’t miss a beat. With Lighthouse, real-time visibility means you’ll know all workers are where they need to be. Monitor cleaning task completion, and rotation loops or guard touring and patrols, as they happen. Plus, ongoing reports document risk management compliance, help defend against claims and reveal where efficiencies can be gained.

Who is Lighthouse For?

Lighthouse was built for leading security and cleaning service companies that manage a large number of service workers and assets across multiple facilities.

Types of Workers:

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Types of Facilities:

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Shopping malls

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Train stations

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Corporate offices

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Know the “who, where and when”
of your team.

Know where your employees were — and when — with continuous indoor and outdoor personnel mapping generated by wireless sensors, like Bluetooth beacons. Quickly locate individual workers, and use data to optimize labor and routes.

See the progress of every shift.

With a real-time feed of all activity in the field, you can be sure your teams are on-task and efficient. Receive alerts for incidents, exceptions and missed tasks or tours so you can respond to the unexpected quickly.

Case Study:

Glad Group: Streamlining the Delivery of Integrated Services in Retail


Increase effectiveness through data.

What will new information tell you? With analytics dashboards and daily performance reports, you can optimize operations, lower costs and reduce liabilities. The details are always in the data.

On-the-go tools.

Guards and cleaners can use forms within the mobile app to easily show completed tasks, submit issues and conduct audits.

Stay in contact.

Improve workforce communication through group or one-to-one messages delivered within the same app your teams are already using for work.

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“Data plays a key role in competitive advantage. If we can capture the right data and present it the right way, we can provide valuable insight to our customers on the performance of our people and drive efficiencies throughout.”


Julian Fogarty, General Manager — Brand, Innovation and Technology

Welcome new technology to the team.

Lighthouse: the new must-have member of your business.

Want a back-office solution to complement your workforce management tools?

Combine the power of Lighthouse with WinTeam, a holistic platform for work and people scheduling, billing, payroll, accounting and more. This is mission control for business operations.

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