Additional Tips for Employee Retention Through Technology

Don’t stop at just engaging your employees. Go a step further and improve your cleaner or guard retention through technology.

We recently covered tips on keeping your workforce engaged with technology. But as a cleaning or security business owner, your work doesn’t stop at engagement. You also have to put in additional effort to retain the employees you have. According to a Forbes article, employee turnover can cost as much as 33% of an employee’s annual salary. At a time when saving money is more important than ever, eliminating the additional cost of employee turnover can have a significant impact on your company’s financial health.

But how do you actively work to retain employees who are distributed across sites, states or even countries? One key factor in cleaner or guard retention is the technology you provide to your staff. With the advancements in industry-specific workforce management solutions, technology offers collaborative tools for a connected workforce environment with your cleaners or guards no matter what their location.

Leverage tools that keep your workforce engaged

Technology can be a defining variable in attracting the right talent to your business, and then retaining that workforce due to positive engagement. According to a 2018 study by CompTIA, over half of workers in Boomer, Generation X and Millennial generations view technology as a significant or somewhat significant factor in their job acceptance process, with this number being an overwhelming 71% in the younger, Millennial category.

Give them what they need to do their jobs better

A 2018 report from Harvard Business Review states that a truly connected workforce isn’t just about connecting employees through communication, but also establishing a connection between employees and the data or tools they need to bring insights and improved job performance into their day-to-day workflows. Keep in mind that to actually add value for your workers in the field, they need to be able to navigate these tools on their own, so proper training and the selection of technology solutions that deploy a user-friendly interface are important.

Use technology that works

A technology solution worth its salt can respond to your business needs at any given moment. While that includes periods of growth and expansion, it should also be able to meet your needs in times of uncertainty and reassure employees that you’re keeping their concerns in mind and you’re keeping them safe. With real-time, targeted messaging, you can touch base frequently, letting your workforce know how you’re handling a given situation or to relay important legislative information, forms or changes in policies as they become relevant.

The janitorial and security industries rely on workers everywhere and need to keep their people connected, informed and safe. So, it’s important for you to invest in technology as a means of directly investing in your cleaner or guard retention.

To read more about engaging your workforce through technology as a means to keep them for the long term, download our quick guide.