How to Decide What Solution Is Best For Your Business

Are you deciding what integrated workforce management solution makes the most sense for you?

If you’re reading this article, you may be wondering how to launch (or improve) your technology stack. Between time and attendance tracking, scheduling, reporting, HR and payroll needs, you could be juggling dozens of software platforms to manage everything.

The problem with a multi-software approach is that it can have some serious repercussions on your profitability. It means you have to input data into more than one software system, every time. It means taking hours out of your day to reconcile information across separate systems. It means managing dozens of support contacts whenever you have a question or issue. Sometimes, it means having entire admin personnel dedicated to one, labor-intensive task (like managing employee time off requests).

This set up may have gotten the job done in the past, but as the economy tightens, using multiple systems to manage your workforce operations isn’t sustainable. It’s costly to maintain. It requires full time staff to manage upkeep and reconciliation, let alone keeping on top of new feature releases and product enhancements to make sure you’re getting the most ROI from your spend.

It’s time to evaluate an integrated workforce management solution.

What’s the difference between an ERP and an all-in-one system?

An ERP software system is a tool that combines all aspects of your business. In the cleaning and security industries, this typically involves a mix of time and attendance, scheduling, HR, quality assurance, financial management and accounting, and drilled down job costing.

An integrated, all-in-one software solution differs from an ERP. Although there are nuances of both, generally, an all-in-one software combines field and back office needs, without some of the complex functionality that comes with the accounting software capabilities found in an ERP.

Benefits of an ERP software:

ERP users experience full visibility over every aspect of their business. That means you’ll always know how your contracts (and your people) are performing. With this data, you can make informed decisions, deliver on KPIs, improve processes and quality of services on site, and support employee and customer retention.

Benefits of an all-in-one software:

The top benefit of this approach is that your company can reap the benefits of connected data and automated processes, without the more complex implementation requirements that come along with migrating accounting data. An all-in-one solution can still accurately track hours worked, absences and pay rules to pay your employees – it just doesn’t actually do the processing for you.

Users who streamline their tech stack into one solution experience benefits around process improvements, insights from accurate and robust reporting, and improved operational efficiencies around time and attendance and personnel scheduling.

Which software is better for my cleaning or security business?

The answer to what software is best for your business really depends on your current solutions, future goals, budget and employee count.

No matter what your situation, though, keep two things in mind: form and function.

An integrated, all-in-one solution typically aims to improve efficiency and accuracy of something. If you’re in need of resolving specific pain points – or form, like field service management or workforce management – an integrated solution could be the direction you want to go.

An ERP zeroes in on the function of your business. It addresses the large scale processes that affect the very structure of your operations. Rather than driving efficiencies to one, high-priority area, it takes a holistic approach to improve the day-to-day management of your business enterprise-wide.

Pro tip: If you want to learn more about the differences between different software, or if you just want to keep a handy guide nearby as you explore different tech options, read more here

Depending on what’s more important to you, you can narrow down what specific solution would bring the most value to your company based on your current needs. Either solution is built to scale alongside your evolving business needs.

Start seeing value from an integrated workforce management solution.

Every solution from TEAM Software by WorkWave is designed to create efficiencies in your current processes, so you’ll see more value day in and day out. Regardless of the phase your business is in currently, you’ll be able to spend less resources on time-consuming tasks, and more time on what really matters: your employees, your clients and your financial success.

Are you ready to get started? We can talk you through your current situation and help determine what might work best for your unique situation. (It all starts with a phone call.)