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eHub: a self-service solution that's on the job 24/7.


Reduce operations costs and administrative time while boosting efficiency and productivity in the field. Automate processes while strengthening transparency and accountability. Engage and empower employees while increasing customer satisfaction. Do all this—and more—with eHub, an integrated workforce management and self-service portal for your employees and customers that’s seamlessly connected to the WinTeam ERP.

Ready when and where you need it.


Workforce Management

Give field-based managers access to the tools they need to do their jobs. eHub seamlessly connects the field to the back office, so you always have access to the latest information. Manage budgets, schedules and timekeeping; create and complete work tickets; and send messages and requests. Plus, fill open shifts, capture billable work, and complete and sign off on inspections all through a secure web or mobile app.


Employee Self-Service

A self-service portal is an easy way to boost employee engagement and productivity while reducing paper and lost information. Give employees the tools they need, when—and where—they need them. Employees can view pay stubs, schedules, benefits, job information; messages and tax information, accept open shift offers; and clock in and out on-site, all with employee self-service features in eHub.


Customer Self-Service

A small increase in customer retention can reflect a huge boost to your bottom line. eHub’s customer self-service portal connects you with your customers, reducing response time and improving accountability. Customers can access invoices, work schedules, messages, rosters, and time and attendance information on their own. eHub lets them easily request additional work or coverage, complete inspections and review results.

Distributed teams are mobile. Your software should be too.

eHub, a go-anywhere solution, is made with distributed teams in mind. Your field-based supervisors, employees and account managers have instant web and mobile access to the tools and information they need to manage jobs, people and personal information effectively.

  • Eliminate paper, streamline processes and increase efficiency.
  • Ensure quality and cost-effectiveness in the field.
  • Communicate with the right people at the right time.
  • Access the latest information with seamless WinTeam and TeamTime integration.
“We realized cost savings from the payroll administrator’s time alone [by using eHub]. Producing electronic pay stubs, rather than paper stubs, gives back about 10 hours of accounting staff time per month.”

Denise Bartlet, Controller with Enviro-Clean
Building Service Contractor