Why Your Cleaning or Security Company Needs Service Delivery Software

Look for these industry-specific building blocks in a centralized service delivery software.

Put simply, service delivery is the set of tactics by which you deliver on the service-level agreements (SLAs) outlined in your client contracts. As a contract cleaning company, it could apply to how you’re managing tasks assigned to your cleaners and knowing how and when those tasks are being completed across multiple locations. And, as a contract security company, it could apply to how you’re tracking guard tours or patrols, responding to and managing incidents, and mitigating risk for you and your customers as your guards perform duties at different locations. Service delivery software helps you handle both the tactical provision of service as well as the strategic optimization of your resources to improve performance, reduce costs and risk and deliver on customer expectations. We’ve put together a list of things to look for when evaluating service delivery software.

Mobile Forms

Service delivery software should have the ability to capture real-time information from the field through simple mobile forms. Mobile forms allow your cleaners and guards to capture rich data like photos, timestamps and locations that are useful for reporting and proof of service. And, these forms can be easily exported and shared with your back-office staff and your clients alike, streamlining processes and providing provable service performance.

Workforce Communication Tools

Staying connected with your field-based workforce is critical.  Face-to-face communication isn’t always possible, so the right software must have tools to help facilitate communication. Through configurable and comprehensive tools, messages can be targeted to groups or individuals based on location, role or other factors. On site, you can deploy automated questions or reminders when it’s not feasible to conduct daily check-ins with cleaners or guards during their shifts. In addition to serving as check-ins with your workers, you’ll get the bonus of an audit trail for compliance with labor laws and regulations.

Incident Management Features

Among other things, cleaners are on the job to ensure cleanliness, safety and property maintenance. Likewise with security guards, they are there to ensure safety, maintain order and protect property. Managing the unexpected comes with the territory. Service delivery software expedites resolutions and ensures your workforce has the tools required to respond effectively and provide updates in real time.

By breaking down information silos and bringing together your tools, workers and SLAs in service delivery software, you can ensure your cleaners and guards are on task, your data is reliable and that you have a track record of provable service performance. To learn more about the building blocks of centralized service delivery software and how they can drive your business forward, download our service delivery software cheat sheet specifically made for cleaning contractors or security contractors.