3 Ways Guard Tracking Software Can Improve Service Delivery

Ensure better service delivery through location tracking technology for your guards.

In a previous blog post, we introduced you to the building blocks of centralised service delivery software for your contract security company and why you need it. Put simply, service delivery is the set of tactics by which you deliver on the service-level agreements (SLAs) outlined in your client contracts. Now that you know what it is and have a high-level understanding of why you need it, you might be curious to dive deeper into how you can ensure better service delivery management through industry-specific features from guard tracking software.

Here are three additional benefits you can expect to gain when implementing the right location tracking software for your business.

It Ensures You’re Meeting your SLAs

As a security business, your SLAs revolve around tours and patrols, so you need to prove your guards are where they need to be, when they need to be there. That’s why guard tracking software is fundamental to much of the service you provide. Service delivery management software equipped with mobile location-tracking technology typically uses one or more methods to track guard location, leveraging tech like GPS and geo-fences to create digital perimeters around properties. That way, you know your guards are on site, delivering on your company’s contracted services.

Provide Your Customers with Proof of Service

Guard tracking software doesn’t just prove to you that your guards are where they need to be, it also means you can prove to your clients that your guards were onsite for scheduled patrols, and are on-site in real-time. Mobile forms provided through the software also allow your guards to capture rich data like photos, timestamps and locations for reporting and proof of service.

Improve Your Bottomline by Saving Time and Money

Security services is a low-margin industry, and you need to save money on labour whenever possible. Having guard tracking as a piece of your service delivery software package means your guards’ shifts are recorded digitally — not to mention quickly and accurately. This means you can spot wasteful scheduling habits and easily stop profit-killing schedule inefficiencies like overtime and unnecessary shifts before they happen.

While the industry challenges you face will never go away completely, there are steps you can take to minimise their impact on your business and improve your overall service delivery. To read more on the building blocks of service delivery and key aspects to look for in guard tracking software, check out our Security Guard Scheduling Software Resource Suite.