How to Grow a Cleaning Business Fast

How fast is the cleaning industry growing? 

Whether you’ve just started a cleaning company or you’ve been in the industry for years, you’re probably wondering how to grow a cleaning business fast. One reason why many professionals are asking themselves that question is because of the expected growth in the cleaning industry. 

In 2021, there were nearly three million people working in the cleaning services industry in the United States. In 2022, the market size of the janitorial services industry in the United States was almost 100 billion USD. And in 2022, the industry with the most janitors and cleaners were in services to buildings and dwellings, with a workforce totalling almost 836,000.

This industry growth and market dominance can mean opportunity for new and growing commercial companies to break into the market. On the other hand, it could also result in even more competition in an already crowded market. 

Either way, it’s important to know how to grow your cleaning business fast. As industry experts for nearly 35 years, TEAM Software by WorkWave offers tips to grow and scale your business to withstand market pressure and future-proof your business.

How to grow a cleaning business fast?

Cleaning services are in high demand and are only expected to grow. Labour market trends suggest consistent hiring efforts to meet contract fulfilment. This can present a challenge for smaller businesses to scale and grow, as hiring can pull a large percentage of your resource focus.

Use these five growth strategies to help scale your commercial cleaning business, even during a tight labor market.

Annual Cleaning Labour Market Trends 2023

1. Define your value proposition

A critical step in business growth is a clearly defined value proposition. Start by writing a concrete statement that separates your brand from competitors in a way that benefits clients. 

For example, many competitors in the small and medium-sized cleaning market are unable to provide detailed reporting and proof of service to their customers. If you use commercial cleaning company software with advanced reporting capabilities and customer-portal access, clearly demonstrate how you can use these tools to prove quality of services delivered. 

Take it one step further and share an automated report to your prospective clients (or as an inclusion in your RFP). This will make sure they can clearly understand how this data can help them understand the cleanliness of their facilities, the mitigated risk from incident resolutions and the activities happening during their cleaning rotations.

Even if other companies are performing many of the same cleaning services as your business, centre your value proposition around something your competitors aren’t known for. Other tips on defining your value proposition include: 

  • Understand the motivations of your customers by conducting surveys, performing short customer interviews or asking for client feedback
  • List actionable items that your company can perform and communicate those points in marketing messages (i.e. emails, social media posts or digital ads)
  • Highlight a service promise, such as a commitment to professionalism, community impact or employee development

2. Use targeted marketing to grow your cleaning business

If you’re working on growing your cleaning business, taking steps to implement targeted marketing strategies can yield successful results.   

Start by identifying key clients. Then advertise your services in places where those clients view online materials or personally visit.

As you evaluate ways to store this data for quick reference or historical reporting, look for a software solution that can house detailed customer and job information. This type of data should be accessible both for back-office administration and field-based cleaners or technicians. 

You can also use cleaning software to send targeted messages to encourage repeat or ad hoc business. Combine those messages with social media ads or landing pages for added ways to win new and repeat business.

Use Customer Benefits to Attract New Customers

3. Better communicate with your team

Communication is key – plain and simple. It ensures that employees and employers are on the same page. Additionally, it reduces confusion and encourages productivity. 

Technology-driven communication tools provide quick access to company information, policies, procedures, compliance and safety requirements. Store all of your specialised announcements in one place. 

Deliver messages to specific workers at the appropriate time, and send notifications to connect with your entire workforce. Eliminate workplace conflicts caused by miscommunication, and instead create a more positive company culture.

4. Ensure quality service with tech tools 

Making sure to deliver on every contract is another way to grow your cleaning business fast. For that to happen, managers need to deliver on every contract, every time –  which requires quality service. 

Use quality service software tools to confirm that checkpoints are properly monitored during rotations. Use a mobile app to help with inspecting job sites and analysing trends. Expediently solve problems off-site, before clients become involved. Get access to online dashboards and cutting-edge reporting features to protect against liability claims, such as slip and fall cases.

5. Perform managerial tasks more efficiently

It’s also important for cleaning companies with scale and growth goals to spend less time on resource-heavy tasks. Instead redirect attention to customer-centric tasks. This approach enables you to get back to business, and it includes performing the following:

  • Automating job scheduling and confirmation, eliminating the need for manual confirmation calls or visits
  • Automated routing and rescheduling options for jobs
  • Integrated invoicing, with options for online or credit card payments so you can be paid faster
  • Using customer portals to proactively share information with clients (while reducing amount of individual requests or questions you need to respond to) 
  • Exploring paperless documentation, so all work orders, invoices and contracts can be stored digitally. This reduces physical paperwork, reduces admin tasks and makes information easily accessible
  • Utilising automated notifications for things like job status and appointment reminders. This eliminates the need for manual follow-up calls or emails, saving time and improving communication

How can TEAM Software by WorkWave help my growing cleaning business?

TEAM Software by WorkWave offers multiple solutions built for every stage of a cleaning business’ growth trajectory. From powerful tools with essential needs to large-scale ERP solutions, we help you tackle your unique field service and back-office needs. 

Curious what solution is best for your cleaning business now?  Request a demo today.