Corporate Cleaning Group: Improving Proof-Of-Service (Fast) With a Mobile Workforce Management Solution

How Corporate Cleaning Group supports service quality with a mobile workforce management solution.

At Corporate Cleaning Group (CCG) — a leading commercial cleaning company serving niche markets like healthcare, corporate office space, educational systems and religious facilities – the phrase “closing the loop” is a familiar one. It’s an expression used to describe an internal framework they’ve developed to ensure service quality is high and delivery is consistent. With corporate offices based in Michigan and Kansas, and franchise locations spreading across the continental United States, ensuring those service standards is no small feat.

“At Corporate Cleaning Group, closing the loop is one of the ways we hold ourselves accountable,” said Carrie Pratt, operations manager and franchise liaison. “It means we have a checks-and-balances framework set up to help identify issues, see it through the actionable resolution steps, then provide proof of service quality to our customers. Every system we implement, every process we introduce, no matter where those services are being performed, needs to help support that mentality. We’re constantly looking for ways that we can close the loop even better.”

An opportunity to close the loop, better.

Pratt saw an opportunity to streamline their operations even tighter to benefit service quality and strengthen communications from field-based cleaners. “Prior to Lighthouse, we relied on manual documentation and paper processes to manage any number of business functions,” Pratt explained. Everything from HR documentation, training paperwork, work tickets and inspections were completed and processed by hand.

In the end, it created a lot of paperwork running and back and forth from the administration to the field and back again. Plus, it required cleaners, managers or supervisors to take the time from their work to write information down, make additional time to deliver it to the appropriate recipients, and remember to follow-up on it.

“It simply wasn’t efficient. Lack of efficiency lengthens response times for our customers, and made work like close-down checklists cumbersome,” said Pratt. “From an administrative perspective, it slowed down workflows for HR and operations. For both, it made documentation cumbersome, and in some cases, didn’t provide
adequate documentation at all.”

CCG needed reliable tools to document service for themselves, and to provide proof-of-service for their customers.

Supporting service quality with Lighthouse

As long-time users of TEAM Software timekeeping solutions, CCG was excited to demo Lighthouse, TEAM’s mobile workforce management solution specifically made for cleaning companies that manage service workers and assets across multiple facilities. After determining it could add value to “close the loop” strategy through support of service quality and communication, they moved forward with implementation.

Less than a year since implementation, CCG has built their own library of templates within the software. It features a collection of HR forms, digital close-down checklists, screening questionnaires, training templates and more.

Cleaners in the field can access the documents (shared based on permissions established by the company) and complete them using their mobile devices as they move through their work at each location. Templates can be saved as they go and photos can be added to demonstrate cleanliness and task completion. They can also send communication through Lighthouse Mobile to their managers and supervisors in real-time, supporting quick “close-the-loop” resolution.

Results recap:

Effectively, CCG now can operate totally paperless, increasing efficiency and adding responsive value to their corporate book of business and franchise locations. And, with TEAM support, they can easily share the resources they’ve built out with new locations.

“Every time we have a new location, we alert TEAM, and they carry over our system to the new locations, so our entire team has access to the same type of information, no matter where they are,” said Pratt.

In the end, Pratt says the value of Lighthouse is clear.

“Tight quality control is one of the pillars on which Corporate Cleaning Group is built. It’s how we take ownership of our customers’ cleaning needs,” said Pratt. “Lighthouse gives us a level of accountability on our service delivery. Everything is documented. We can take that documentation directly to our clients and be able to prove the tasks we’ve completed have been inspected and our work has been efficient. In the end, that helps us meet customer satisfaction and reaffirm our reputation, regardless of whether that customer is a part of our corporate book of business or a customer of our franchises.”