Whether They’re Remote or in the Office, These TEAM Employees #GSD

It’s time to recognize our latest Keep. Be. Do. Award winners.

Our core values — keep customers first, be accountable and do more — define how we work together to accomplish our goals at TEAM Software. That’s why we continue to recognize three employees each quarter who embody our core values with our Keep. Be. Do. Awards.

The Keep. Be. Do. Awards are based on peer nominations, so when someone sees another employee do amazing things, they say something. Here’s a look at our most recent winners and what their coworkers had to say about them.

Keep Customers First | Michael P., Implementation Specialist

“In conversations with several clients, Michael’s name came up multiple times as one of the key reasons their implementation ran so smoothly. Customers appreciated his willingness to help and his availability in between classes to answer questions. One customer even went so far as to say the thing that went best during their implementation was the relationship they built with Michael and how thorough and patient he was.”

Michael started with TEAM in October 2018 as an implementation specialist and attributes his product knowledge to his colleagues in the Professional Services department. He works with new clients to get them up and running with our products and has been focused on the Lighthouse product since October 2019.

“I love watching our clients grow in their knowledge of our products, after the months of hard work they put in, all while maintaining their usual day-to-day responsibilities,” said Michael. “Seeing them stand on their own two feet without needing my help anymore is very rewarding.”

Be Accountable | Will M., Lead Developer

“Will has had a lot on his plate with urgent support requests, deployments and customer requests, but he continues to steadily work through them and get what is needed completed for all. He does this while also actively contributing in conversations, assisting team members with questions and providing guidance to team members to improve our team for long term success.”

Will officially joined the TEAM family in May 2019 when TEAM acquired Lighthouse but had been with Lighthouse since 2015. Will leads the development team for the Lighthouse product and helps plan the technical direction for the future product roadmap.

When asked about his thoughts on the Keep. Be. Do. Awards, Will said, “Being accountable is something we always aim for as a team — and individually. It’s nice to know someone thought of me for that category.”

Do More | April W., Account Manager

“We had a client who waited until March 31 to electronically file their 1095Cs. April offered her assistance, and in between her already busy day, helped the client get their filing submitted to the IRS on time. The client was so appreciative of April being able to assist and work with them after a very long day of not being sure this would even make the deadline.”

April joined TEAM in August 2015 and currently works as an account manager helping clients find new solutions and take advantage of product features to help them improve their businesses.

“I’m really a people person, so getting to work one-on-one with our clients is something I really enjoy,” said April. “I always want to see our clients succeed, and if I can help them do that by doing more, I happily do so. It makes me very proud to know that’s appreciated and I’ve succeeded in making things better for our clients.”